Sunday, December 28, 2008

Use your Free GMail Space As a Storage Media Device

Free Storage Media Device

Ever you thought to backup your important files in a separate storage media device? May be you need another separate device for store some files other than backup. Gmail Drive will be the best solution. Gmail offer 7.10GB space for its account holders. What is Gmail driver doing is allow us to use this space as a storage media. In another word it supplies an interface for dealing with that free space easily.

GMail Drive adds a new drive to the computer under the My Computer folder, where your hard drive portions exist. With the interface supplies by the Gmail Driver we can easily copy and drag and drop files to the Gmail space. Literally GMail Drive is a shell extension tool that creates a virtual file system in a computer.

First you need to download Gmail Driver From here (Freeware)

And install it to your system as you normally deal with any software.

Right after you install Gmail Driver you can notice a new icon appears at under “MY COMPUTER“ folder named "GMail Drive"

Right click on it and select "Login As" and in the appeared window enter your Gmail account information to login to your account.

Right after login to your account you can deal with your newly installed store device as you normally deal physical hardware device.
  • Advantages:
  1. Free space we don’t need to pay for it.
  2. It’s possible to use any amount of accounts, in other word unlimited space.
  • Disadvantages:
  1. It’s taking time to upload and download files, slow internet users can get more benefit from this.
  2. Only the person, owner of the account can deal with uploaded files (files can’t download through a specified url)


All files you copied into the drive you newly created with Gmail Drive are store at your Gmail account. When ever you login to your account with your browser you can notice all those files are appear in your account as newly received mails.

Also you can use 2, 3 or any much email accounts as store media devices.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Google Holiday Doodles

Google holiday secret doodles google

Have you noticed Google’s new homepage logo for the Holiday session? Google doodles, Google's new design. I found an interesting thing with those doodle is every time they are changing. At last I found where they came from.

" " there are five doodles are here and every time they appear one by one.

10 Beautiful Logo Designs for Google

Beautiful 10 Logo designs for Google which I found while I was surfing the net. I thought collect them together.

Logo Designs for Google

I'm Feeling Lucky at Google

I'm feeling lucky google tricks
You may notice "I'm feeling lucky" button at Google homepage, but may be still you haven’t any sense about this button. According to a study by Tom Chavez of "Rapt", this feature costs Google $110 million a year as 1% of all searches use this feature and bypass all advertising.(source Wikipedia)

So why "I'm Feeling Lucky" stands at Google's homepage and what is the task of it? When a user clicks on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" instead of normal search button user will be taken directly to the first search result according to the entered search criteria, bypassing the search engine results page. It named Feeling lucky because if user lucky enough the search engine will return the perfect match in the first time without having to page through the search results.

Eg: tutorial-net

Above statement represent search criteria as “tutorial-net” and the result page URL should have Check this with feeling lucky if still you haven't any clue about the task of the "I'm feeling lucky" button.
  • Funny and useful statements for Feeling lucky @ Google:
Change the look of browser - " google bsd "
Search bearshare - " google bearshare "
Google moon and Apollo - " google cheese "
Help Google bunny - " google easter egg "
It will give u the time and the weather - " (time (any country u want) "
Convert anything you want - " (1 megabyte in gigabyte) "
Change the language of Google homepage – " Google English ",, " Google france " ,, " Google Sinhala "
(selected language font should be install in your system)
  • Other Few statements:
Search for Chuck Norris
Google gothic
Google linux
Google l33t
Google loco
Google ewmew
Google Mozilla
Google gizoogle

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Find Free Quality Stuff on the Internet

google search trick find quality stuff
Here what I reveal the most impressive trick and it would be very useful for every internet user. This isn't very hard to do or something very stranger but this can tolerate to your mind for think differently. What I most hated thing is getting lots of unrelated and unnecessary things at the search. This is consuming our time probably you would agree with me. So every time I though how to get the best stuff for my criteria. No doubt Google is best than any search engine but it also gives some dull search results but that doesn't mean Google isn’t useful. Still Google in the first place but it is not enough for getting the best in the world. My reveal will become very useful at this point and seems it is the best way which can use to find the best stuff by filtering out most unnecessary results.

Have you every though a Google search that is combined with Social Media? Probably many of you say no.

Here how I combine social media sites (digg, stubleupon, reddit) with Google and the answer is what we expect at most of times.

Google + Social Media Sites = Quality Free Stuff

Here how we can implement what I represent by above formula. Think if you need to search web for Icons, computer wallpapers, images, blogger & wordpress templates, tutorials, articles or etc. Searching only Google can't give you the world best but it isn't mean Google search is not enough but search social media through Google can give you the best stuff that is rated by most people like us. That can be more beneficial because we know those results had filtered two times, filtered by Google and also filtered by humans. Isn't this great?

Think if we hunt Google for free computer wallpapers, then we can narrow our search and add some extra portion and search social media.

Here how I implement my search for content. "computer wallpaper"

Search for icons "web 2 icons"

You can search reddit for free templates “blogger templates”

The word “free” is almost not necessary as we know many of stuffs at those sites are free. So using free word, you can miss some good results.

Here something I have learned, we can search any site using the code "search criteria" and that will be more helpful for searching sites that hasn't their own site search option.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Search Faces behind the Result at Google Images

Find Faces on google searchSometimes you may want search Google for peoples in some specified category but the truth is search result not only including peoples. It gives many pictures that are related to the search term. But this is not efficient and you may need to navigate more and more pages and it would be time consuming.

There is a neat trick that you can filter out many unnecessary image results and make your search more efficient and smooth. This trick filters the images that are not including peoples so the result will include only images of peoples.

This can become handy if you're looking for images of the renowned people behind popular companies, products or geographic locations. Also this can perform easily by appending the code &imgtype=face to end of the URL in browser address bar after you perform any search at Google Image search.

I include two examples below to demonstrate how to append the code I mentioned earlier, comparing below examples you can notice the different between results we are getting using normal search and using our new method.

Also not only faces we can find through Google. As much as Google flexible, it gives wide range of opportunities for its users. There are few other specifications for images introduced by Google for make smoothness of searches. Here are some other codes we can use at Google image search and more targeted searches can implement by using these codes.

&imgtype=photo - Search For “photo content”
&imgtype=news - Search images including in “News”
&imgtype=clipart – Search “Clip Arts”
&imgtype=lineart – Search “line drawing”