Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Registration domain - Domain Name Varieties

Registration domainDomain name registration is about identifying your website on the net.It's the first and unique process in your web site creation scheme.Your website needs carefully selected domain name before you proceed for domain name registration. In this tutorial I will explain important steps more than you or you never consider for domain name registration.

Generic Domain Name:

Ideally, domain name may be short and simple for remembering easily. Generic names are easy to remember, and there is always a generic name, no matter which business you are in or doing. Unfortunately, for domain name registration, most generic domains are no longer available. For example, if you deal in baby toys, you will find domain names like babytoys.com, baby-toys.com, babytoy.com, etc. are already taken. If you do not mind country-specific domain extensions (like .lk, .uk, and so on), you may be in luck for acquiring a hot name for domain name registration. If lucky to have found one, check whether the domain name infringes any patent or trademark in your country or elsewhere before domain name registration.

Unique Domain name:

If not generic domain names, how about unique names like altavista, google, orange, kanoodle, or word combinations like notyet, tuttos. Those are so simple ,good sound ,easy to remember and pleasant and so on? Perhaps you won't mind slight distortions, such as prioriti instead of priority. Watch closely and you will see these domain names not only sound nice, they are also short and quick on recall. It is likely that many such unique domain names are out of bounds. In that case, as mentioned above, opt for country-specific extension suitable to your need before domain name registration.

Other Considerations:

Sometimes it may be necessary that your domain name reflects your company name. Even so, try grabbing a suitable one, get domain name registration and finally name your company accordingly. Examples like Google, Pcmagazine and Ebay come immediately to mind. Find one such, do domain name registration and you can over time build a solid brand around your domain name.

Whatever you do, avoid small pitfalls on way to domain name registration. Long and hyphenated domains are not good because they add to confusion. Moreover, people rarely remember them.But it doesn't mean they aren't good for standing.Short names with hyphen are really effective same as others.If it proves too much of a hassle, get help with automated name creating tools at

NameBoy = http://nameboy.com/
DomainFellow = http://domainfellow.com/