Thursday, March 6, 2008

File Sharing - Free Ebook Sites

Free Ebook Sites Collection

All about sharing ebooks (huge ebook site)

O'Reilly online

Computer books and manuals

The Network Book

Some #bookwarez.efnet.irc links
Some #bookwarez.efnet.irc fiction

Pimpas online books (Indonesia)

Security, privacy and cryptography |

My own misc online reading material |

Computer books

Linux documentation

FreeBSD documentation

Sun documentation

SGI documentation;td=2 |

IBM Online Redbooks

Digital Unix documentation

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

UNIX stuff

Programmers reading

Programming Pearls 2nd edition

C stuff

Perl stuff |

Java stuff

Lisp stuff

Ada stuff

Database reading

SQL stuff |

Visual Basic stuff

Handbook of Applied Cryptography

X Window System | |

GTK and Gnome stuff

QT and KDE stuff

Corba stuff

TCP/IP info

Misc programmers reading

Some useful tech articles |

Considering Hacking Constructive

Eric's Random Writings

IBM's History

Electronic Publishing

Digital processing

The Hardware Book

Network iQ Router Reference Manual

Cisco Product Documentation

Novell developers appnotes

Icons for your desktop

Hackers' Hall of Fame at Discovery Online

Symbols and signs and ideograms and stuff

Dictionaries |

Misc reading material

Dantes Inferno |

Books and texts |

Literature stuff

Octavo books

Project Gutenberg - books and texts

Project Runeberg - Scandinavian in books and texts

The Elements of Style

Bigtext - illustrated books and manuals for DOS

Breeze - a complete text system for Windows

Language links

Grimms' fairy tales

Winnie the Pooh

Seven Wonders of the World

Medieval history

Misc history

Stonehenges Legends

In Parentheses historical papers

Bulfinchs Mythology

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Qumran historical

Index of cults

Heretical speculation

The esoteric Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani

Runes and Norse stuff

Extinction level events | |

Stephen Hawkings Universe

The constellations

Falling into a black hole

Gravity is a push

Online audiobooks


NewMedia Classics

Online Books Archive

Internet Public Library

PalmPilot E-Text Ring

Virtual Free Books

All About Ebooks


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