Thursday, March 6, 2008

File sharing - Rapidshare

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How 2 Find EVERYTHING uploaded in Rapidshare

We are going to use very useful independent tool on internet. GOOGLE. This is very small trick to find every uploaded files in rapidshare. We'll do this by using some tricky keywords.

All rapidshare Downloads:

.* (This will give you the ability of find user profiles on rapidshare and what they uploaded )

.cab OR .exe OR .rar OR .zip ( To find every uploaded Apps on Rapidshare )

.Avi OR .mpg OR .mpeg ( To find movies on rapidshare )

This is very comman trick use in internet to find files on servers.You can change these keywords as your needs. For this understanding about keyword format is very important.

.File type OR .File type

You can change the aspect indicate by red color as your needs.