Saturday, March 1, 2008

FireFox Commands

As all we know Firefox is very flexible browser. Firefox team made it as very user friendly and they allowed for users to do some changes to browser for increase performance of it. Firefox commands are the keys for editing Firefox browser. We can use commands to prompt browser for configuration form many aspects. By this tutorial I'm going to give you some very useful commands for Firefox browser.

Mozilla Firefox commands

Using these commands we can do many adjustment to Firefox browser. I assumed to give five very useful and familiar commands from this tutorial.K lets begin with the lesson.

Usage: paste these commands in Firefox URL bar (Address bar) and click go button or hit enter button.

Use this code to show window of about details


build platform configuration details and parameters

To view and edit firefox build platform details

disk’s cache info and statistics details

About installed plug ins in browser

Yesterday I found another command for Firefox.You may not know but Firefox has a ROBOT!!! check it :)) by this command you can see a robot inside Firefox.Is he spy us ?????


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