Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hide Folders in Windows Xp

There are many software available for hide folders in computers. I got one software called pc security, that software has use hidding option for protecting folders with locking folders using password. But that kind of software is very expensive. That is the major problem I saw with security softwares.Because of that I intented to give you a brief tutorial about Hide windows folders without using any kind of software, other than your normal windows components.
Hide Folders trick For this tweak you don't even want to computer expert. If you're a just normal computer user it's enough for this.The simplest method I ever found for hide computer folders.

I divided this tutorial for two parts, First part is about locking folders and second part is unlocking folders that we locked in our first part. OK lets begin with our tutorial.
  • First select the folder that you want hide from others
  • Rename it with this extension . {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}
  • This will change your folder to recycle bin and your folder behave like that.
Ex: Assume that you have folder named Tutorial-NET, first select it using your mouse pointer and press F2. Then rename it to
this will change your folder to recycle bin and hide from others.

Unlock Your Folder

open your notepad and type the following in it.................
Tutorial-NET.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} Tutorial-NET

Whenever you want to get back your hidden folder just click on unlock.bat thats all!!

We can do this unlock process by NERO software as well.
  • open NERo express
  • Click on "make data cd"
  • click on "Add" button
  • Navigate to the place your hidden folder situated, Navigate using small window appeared when we clicked on "ADD" button.
With this software we can see the full name of our folder with our additional part:

Just delete the additional part and exit from Nero.We can use this also to un hide your folder.


photonix said...

didn't work. lost a vital folder

BE AWARE said...

here's simple

just go to start

1. hit the run
2. type cmd (opens command promt)
to hide ur folder
3.attrib +s +h folder path
ex.(c:\attrib +s +h d:\software\cools) hit enter
the folder will be hide

to show ur folder just slight change

attrib -s -h

u will be done

TN - houkwing said...

photonix it is working maybe you have done something wrong while go through the article pls try it again and comment if it isn't working i'll give you another option if it aint work ///

thanks knight working

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