Monday, April 7, 2008

Advance Files Search Type Using Google

Advance Files Search Type Using Google

Search For Mp3 and many file types

Here is another good trick that works fairly decent for finding mp3's on the web ( which is hard to do normally )

say you want to get, for example, a Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River song.

Type this in the search bar -
  • "index of/" "garth brooks" .mp3
the ones you want to check out first are the ones that say "Index of/" in the title of the search result. this technique allows you to easily pull up web folders with direct downloads. it will look the same as if you were logging into a ftp url.. i'm sure you can be pretty flexible on how you type that in, so long as you include "index of/"

i'm sure you can use this for more than just mp3's
(it's not perfect but it has worked for me on a few occasions)

Always make sure to use the quotations where i placed them. they help pinpoint the correct search results more accurately. just try it out, also if you want to learn how to do more with google look up "google hacks"


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