Friday, April 11, 2008

Unlimited Rapidshare Downloads ( For Dynamic IP users )

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To use the method I'm going to post in here you must have dynamic ip.

What's is the dynamic ip or Are you got bit confuse about my above statement then you have to read my article about IP Addresses before entering to this article.

I'm assume now you haven't any doubt about the ip address and it's dynamic and static statement. In oder you can check your ip address statement by following my guides below.

Checking the IP is dynamic or NOT

  1. First of all open your notepad and click here to check your ip
  2. Copy it into the Notepad and save.
  3. Disconnect your Modem or Router and after 10 sec connect to the net and click here again to check your ip statement.
  4. Copy and past it into the Notepad and check ,If both are similar stop reading this article and check out other methods about Downloading From Rapidshare
  5. If both are dissimilar then you're lucky and you have a dynamic ip.

Now the process is very easy, you can download files from rapidshare without waiting 1 hour or more. We are not going to hack rapidshare or do any other illegal thing. Just simple trick using our resources.
  1. Go to >> Rapidshare and click Free button as we do every day.
  2. After count the tick Enter that code and download the file exactly we do normally
  3. Normally after the one download we can't download files from rapidshare until finish the ban period of our ip.This period depend on file size we downloaded earlier from rapidsahre. Assume you downloaded 90MB file and then your baning period is 90MIN.
  4. So from this article I'm going to tell you how to fix this time limit by using your dynamic ip
  5. Just DISCONNECT your modem or router and clear all the cookies from your browser.
  6. Then Reconnect and try for downloading file.... yah you must fix your banning period unless you have static ip..

How to clear browser cookies:

For this
  1. Go to TOOLS in your browser ( Mozilla )
  2. Clear Private Data
  3. Check all the boxes there.
  4. Click Clear Private Data Now..
Thtat's it .. already as I say this method is only for dynamic ip users. If this don't work for you. Don't be afraid. Check our updates everyday..................


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