Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Use FireFox Two Versions In Same Time

Firefox and Minefield running side by side

Why we want to use two versions in same time ! With my surfing experience I have short and clear answer for this question.

I use FireFox 3beta4 and FireFox 2.x.x ,Because FireFox newer version is really fast like a rocket and FireFox older version is support for many cool extensions so it's really helpful to me when I'm posting for blog and other activities I'm doing than surfing.

For use firefox two versions we are going to use FireFox Profile manager ( It's already integrate with firefox , so you wont worry about that. )

First of all download and install the firefox two versions that you want to use in same time and close them by go to Exit at Files menu.
  • Then Go to Start > Run and type
    firefox.exe -ProfileManager
  • You'll get the window showing as below picture
Then go to creat profile and choose a name for your newest installed profile.In this case I used KILLER for my secondary firefox profile.
  • And leave profile path as it's in there or if you want select another place for your profile it doesn't matter and you can read instruction there if you got something confuse when you doing this.
At this stage we did most important part of our job.At this moment you were create two separate profiles for your two firefox versions but how they manipulate as we want. Now you're in very chaotic situation. You are wrong this's the most easiest part in this case.Lets see how to lead your browsers for work correctly.
  • Right click on your browser short cut. ( you want to select which browser you want combine with you created profile and click on that browser shortcut )
  • Past this code after the target path
-p profilename -no-remote
( In my case it show up as "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 4\firefox.exe" -p killer -no-remote )

In other browser shortcut set it's profile default or any other name as in your profile manager.

Important: don't create profile names have spaces ex; Killer Risk or Something Something and also you want to set your primary browser as your default browser.
Firefox Inside Firefox hack


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