Saturday, May 31, 2008

Computer Firewall, Why you need to have Firewall System to Your Computer

Your home Internet connection leaves you vulnerable to hackers who want to access your financial and personal information.
why need to have firewall in computer
hackers can send malicious viruses and worms, blackening to your computer. Intruders have the power to destroy your operating system or gather you data. How can you lock that computer to hackers but still have the freedom to do your business online?

A solid firewall help you to stop intruders from accessing to your computer. You keep your Internet link to the outside world but the outside world can't view you unless you want allow to them. With a firewall in place you will still have typical email access, but chat and other interactive programs will require to have your permission to access before you can use them. A firewall is powerful and unobtrusive.

The path to your computer data has two doorways. Some of your data is stored on a physical media storage device- such as a hard drive, optical disk, thumb drive, or some other. The other method is your computer memory. If you open either of these storage methods leaves your network and your data vulnerable.

Now I'm going to show you some methods that hackers use to hack in to your system and you can avoid like these effort from hackers using firewall system in your computer:
  • Method 01:IP spoofing
This attack occurs when someone outside your network fool your computer into recognizing the intruder as a trusted source-either a trusted internal source ( using an IP address that is within the range of IP addresses in your network) or a trusted external IP address that your system recognizes.

IP spoofing only can lunch when a hacker get your IP address. The hacker then modifies the packet headers on his communications to your computer. A packet header is present in any transfer of computer data and is similar to a routing number on a check-the header guides the packet of data on its journey just as a routing number guides a check.
  • Method 02:Network Packet Sniffing.
Windows NT sends network packets as unprotected clear text, inadvertently allowing anyone to pick packets up en route for a closer look. Even though some packet sniffers are legitimate (for network management) others are used to steal your information while in transit. This method is a easiest way for attack some ones information.So many of hackers use it to achieve their hacking.
  • Method 03:Man in the Middle
When someone accesses information between two individuals without either one detecting the infiltrator's presence. If both parties are using a public-key system to send data, the man in the middle can intercept the public key, and use it to steal your data.
  • Method 04:Distribution of Sensitive Internal Information to External Sources
This attack could involve a disgruntled employee or someone who has or once had access to sensitive corporate information of their's. The individual could place the sensitive data on an external computer so others can use it to have full access.
  • Method 05:Password Attacks
Once someone has access to your user name and password, the attackers will then have the key to personal information. There are several ways an attacker can attack to your password. Some of them are Password Gussing , Brute Force and Password Cracking.

1) Password Guessing Method
Attackers can either enter guesses password and user names manually or electronically.If you use very comman user and pass then this attack method is easy to hackers.

2) Brute-Force Login Method
This is also way password guessing, however, hackers use some tools to brute force your login.

3) Password Cracking Method
This attack lunch using Password Cracking software obtains the password file in Windows and after getting pass file then they use password decripting tool to get your password.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Convert a FAT volume or a FAT32 volume to NTFS Fomat

This tutorial will show you how to convert FAT or FAT32 Volume to NTFS Format
Convert a FAT volume or a FAT32 volume to NTFS Fomat
Please Note:
Backup your any important data before doing this we highly recommend to do so because
there is a chance to corruption or data loss during the conversion is minimal, So we recommend that you perform a backup of the data on the volume that you want to convert before you start the conversion.

Now I'm going to show you how to convert Fat , Fat32 to NTFS format by 5 steps:

  • First Click "Start" , Then "All Programs", "Accessories", and then click "Command Prompt".
  • At the command prompt, type the following, drive letter is the drive that you want to convert:
convert drive letter: /fs:ntfs

Ex: convert d:/fs:ntfs

If the operating system is on the drive that you are converting, you will be prompted to schedule the task when you restart the computer because the conversion cannot be completed while the operating system is running. When you are prompted, click "YES".
  • When you receive the following message at the command prompt, type the volume label of the drive that you are converting, and then press ENTER:
The type of the file system is FAT.
Enter the current volume label for drive drive letter
  • When the conversion to NTFS is complete, you receive the following message at the command prompt:
Conversion complete
  • Quit the command prompt and you're done!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Change the Serial Number of Windows XP Operating System

Do you know there is a way to change the number of windows xp operating system.Ever you try to change your serial?
Change the Serial Number of  Windows XP
If so this information may be helpful to you.I divide this tutorial to 5 steps because clearness of readers.

Step 01:

First Go to Start then Run and type the command regedit click OK to open registry editor.

Then Go to [HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\WPAEvents,]
on the right double click on "oobetimer" and change at least one digit of this value to deactivate windows.

Click OK and close the Registry Editor.

Step 02:

Open Start Run and type the command:
%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a
click Enter

This will bring up the "Activate Windows" window.

Check the option for "Yes" and then "I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows" and click "Next"

Step 03:

Then click "Change Product Key" don't enter any other information on that screen

Step 04:

Type in the new key and click on "Update"

The activate Windows by phone window will reappear at this point, just close it by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner of window.

Step 05:
This step is the verification step and it's the last step if you done what I already told you before then you should pass this step

Reboot your system and Go Start Run and type the command:
%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a
and click ENTER

If you see "Windows is already activated" then you are done!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yahoo Messenger User Status Checking Ways Yahoo Invisible User Detection

Many people now days prefer to stay offline while using Yahoo Messenger so how to find Status of someone?
Yahoo Messenger
There are many ways of finding people who are online but yet invisible.I'm going to describe many of those methods by this post

As all we knows that Yahoo has a Stealth settings feature that lets you choose the people who see you as online and offline (Invisible Mode). But may be you want to figure out these peoples really online or offline.

There are few methods for check user stats in yahoo messenger.I'm going to discuses them one by one:

Doodle IMvironment Method

  • Double Click on the user whose status you want to check.
  • Message window will open.
  • Click IMVironment button, select See all IMVironments, select Yahoo! Tools or Interactive Fun, and click on Doodle.
  • After loading the Doodle IMVironment, there will be two possibilities.
  • 1) If the user is off line, the Doodle area will show “waiting for your friend to load Doodle” continuously.
  • 2) If the user is online (in invisible mode), after few seconds (it can take up to one minute, depending on connection speed), you will get a blank page. So the user is online!
k by that you can find out user is offline or invisible.

BuddySpy Method:

Buddy Spy is a program for Yahoo Messenger status checking. Buddy Spy you can bypass Yahoo Messenger's Invisible Settings and check user stats for you. With its quick and intuitive interface Buddy Spy offers you the ability to see if your friend is truly online or if they are invisible. Buddy Spy offer you online checking, but it will also tell you whether your friend is in a Chat Room or even if their Web Cam is online, isn't it great ?

Download it from here BuddySpy

Using online Free tools:

I always use like this kind of tools if they available because they are easy to use and no need to install to my pc. Also with those sites we can secure our privacy because when we doing this we do connect through the site.

These are great sites I found that we can use to find peoples in yahoo messenger invisible mode.
  1. Open invisible-scanner
  2. Open Invisiable Net
  3. Open myspytool com

Monday, May 26, 2008

Yahoo Multi Messenger Use Two Yahoo ID s in Same Time

Did you ever try to login to your yahoo messenger with your two different yahoo ID s? If so this article for you.
Yahoo Multi Messenger
Yahoo Multi Messenger is application we can use for this purpose.Using this we can login to yahoo messenger with two different Ids.As well it can remove yahoo ads from our messenger so no longer annoying ads there.

This application will allow you to run multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger on your pc. Perfect for those who have several different yahoo id s and would like to be logged in to them at once.

First you need to download the yahoo multi messenger from here. Y Multi Messenger
How to use :
  • It is highly recommended to uninstall the old version of YM and then install the newest one first, also deleting any old Y!Multi Messenger.exe files in the c:\program files\yahoo\messenger folder as well.
  • Open the program up and either select to Enable or Disable the patch, thats it!!
  • As well you can block ads by using this.To block ads, click either one of the appropriate boxes to either disable ads or reinstate them. The YM main ad has its own check mark to select. Check it to remove the main ad or Uncheck it to show the ad. Ad is referred to the one at the bottom of YM.
Now Just double click the desktop icon to load up X amount of Yahoo! Messengers, thats it!

Note : you may have to un check the "Automatically Sign In" option on the login screens though or you will start getting the "You have been logged out as you were logged in on a different machine" message.

Block Ads in Yahoo Messenger Ads Remove Guide

Are you a user of yahoo messenger system and yahoo ads slow down your system every time when you connecting to the yahoo?
Yahoo ads remove
How to remove ads in yahoo messenger showed by upper image ??

We can remove yahoo ads completely from our messenger software,But if they really not annoying to you don't do this because yahoo make funds from these ads and thats how we chat in yahoo without spent any dime.

I mention you again if ads only annoying to you by slowing your system then follow the whole process because you have a good reason for do that

  • Then extract it into folder in your system
  • After that execute NOADS.EXE
  • restart yahoo messenger
  • You can see ads are gone No more annoying s
Or you can use yahoo settings to remove this pop up unit from your messenger, It's the easy way to get rid of this pop up unit
  • First Login using the Yahoo messenger.
  • Then Go to Messenger >> Preferences.
  • The Yahoo messenger preferences window appears.
  • Now, select the General category and uncheck Show Yahoo! Messenger Insider in the When I sign in to Yahoo! Messenger section.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

How to Make table in Blogger Posts Body

Did you ever see table in blogger body posts.Many experienced blogger administrators use this for emphasis there some text.
How to Make table in Blogger Posts BodyMake table in Blogger Posts Body blogger help
So have you ever try to make table in blogger posts.We can't do it using normal resources in rich blogger text Editor tool. But you can use the simple xhtml code to archive this thing in your blog too.

Without so many carps I 'll show you how to make table liked I showed in below.


So now you are willing to know about that code.Right here it is, You can change it color by adjusting this part of it. <td bgcolor="#888623">

<table style="width: 347px; height: 35px;" border="1" cellpadding="1"><tbody><tr>
<td bgcolor="#888623">TEXT THAT YOU WANT TO ADD IN TABLE

Think if you want to make a table without any color.Then you have to set your color code to "#ffffff"

How to Highlight Text in Blogger Posts

There's two ways to highlight text in blogger post background.We can change the font colors using tools provided in the Post Editor
Highlight Text in BloggerHighlight Text in Blogger body
But , there is no option to highlighting our post content.

As you know you can change your blogger background text using some special codes, So we are going to use same theory here.There is code snippet that can work for us to highlight text in our posts.

As I told before there is two way to highlight text in blogger

First way is highlight text only. By this method you can Highlight text as I showed below.

First way to Highlight text in blogger.

K how do we highlight text like above .It's easy
  • First create your post
  • Select your text that you want to Highlight and add that text in between this code like I showed in below. <span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0);"> </span>
  • <span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0);">TEXT YOU WANT TO HIGHLIGHT</span>
  • You can change your highlight color by adjusting this part of above code: rgb(255, 255, 0) Change the value that I showed by orange color to your desired color.
There's another way to Highlight text in blogger but it is slightly different from first one.How to Highlight text like I showed in below?

Your Text That YOu Want to HIGHLIGHT
I think now you can clear what did I talking before.So how do we create section like above.It's also done by using code like I show you before.

The process is same but code is little bit different.This is the code you can use to highlight text as showed in above.

  • <pre style="border: 1px solid rgb(255, 255, 255); padding: 10px; background: rgb (55, 88, 77) none repeat scroll 0% 50%; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial; margin-right: 40px; color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">TEXT THAT YOU WANT TO HIGHLIGHT</pre>

Note: you can change colors by changing the value of rgb(255, 255, 255) this part in both codes.You can do many experiment and find what is more suite to you.

Color codes examples:

Color Example 01 = rgb(30, 45, 255)

Color Example 01 = rgb(255, 45, 255)

Color Example 01 = rgb(25, 255, 55)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Windows XP - Change Thumbnail Image Size

Are you like to use the thumbnail view to see your images in windows folders? Especially for browsing through photos and images
Change Thumbnail Image Size
It can become a bit of a drain on your system and It may be slow down your system too. Indeed by slowing your system you may become drowsy to use the thumbnail view.

It is possible to lower the thumbnail size and quality by editing the following registry keys to solve this matter.

K first open your registry by Go to RUN and typing "REGEDIT" and navigate to :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft \ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer

Create a new DWORD value called ThumbnailSize, and set the value between 32 and 256.

And/or create another DWORD value called ThumbnailQuality, and set the value between 50 and 100.

Key Details that you want to creat:

USER Key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft \ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer]
Value Name: ThumbnailSize
Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value)
Data Value: 32 - 256

USER Key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft \ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer]
Value Name: ThumbnailQuality
Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value)
Data Value: 50 - 100

How to Download Torrents Files Using Google Filetype:Torrent

As we know Google is the very important tool in net for search many sort of things in internet.So how do we search torrents?
Download Torrents Files torrent file secrets
Yah it's very easy with Google You have to say I need only torrent files with This "name" Name is anything you want. So how do we say it to Google.There are many more ways to say that but in here I'm going to teach you the easiest way to make like that demand.

Here it is you can use this for many file types as your needs.It's up to you.

"file name" filetype:torrent

You must not write ( " ) when you are search

Ex: Think you want to search Microsoft XP Installer package
Then you can search in many ways like I showed below.

Microsoft xp filetype:torrent
Microsoft xp Installer filetype:torrent
Microsoft xp cd filetype:torrent

Like that make small changes you can get variety of results by that.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Solve Windows Installer service could not be accessed Erro

Do you experience this kind of problem whenever you attempt to install an application in windows operating system?
Windows Installer erro
"The Windows Installer service could not be accessed".

This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed.

A lot of guys end up formating their systems and doing fresh windows installations or try wired ways of fixing it.
You can try below method that I'm going to show you it may be helpful to you.

Well, the solution is very easy It only take several minutes to complete.
  • First open your any windows folder and "Tools"
  • Then Folder options
  • Then make sure "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)
  • After that right click your root windows installation drive ( Drive where you installed windows )
  • click properties at the bottom
  • select security tab
  • click "Add" and then "Advance"
  • Then clik find now and in results scroll down to "SYSTEM" account click add and click OK.
  • Allow Full control permission and click Apply and then Ok.
This should solve your problem with windows installer.

Find Movies Games Mp3 Applications and etc .. Using Google

How do we find anything on internet using Google.With regular way we do mis lots of things in internet
Find Movies Games Mp3 Applications
There is lots of way to search Internet Using Google , those are more effective and very informative than normal way.

K without going bigger description I'll show you how to achieve your needs with Google in simply quarry

First in Google type :

"parent directory " /appz/ -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

K did you see what happen you can use this string to find applications on google.

"parent directory " DVDRip -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

"parent directory "Xvid -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

"parent directory " Gamez -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

"parent directory " Name of Singer or album -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

These strings also same I change their second part to find various things in internet.You can make changes in parts of this string and do experiments for more better results.

Cannot Delete Folder of File ,Delete undeletable Files and Folders

Do you ever encounter a problem like this before? If you had like this experience then this is the solution for you.
Delete undeletable Files
There are three ways to delete ,undeletable files and folders in your system.But in here I'll show you the most easiest two ways for do this.

This is the first method that I'm going to show you if you can't continue with this or if this isn't work you can try other method too.
  • First Open a Command Prompt window and leave it open.
  • Close all other open programs.
  • Then Click Start, Run and enter TASKMGR.EXE
  • In task manager Go to the Processes tab and End Process on Explorer.exe.
  • Leave Task Manager open.
  • Then Go back to the Command Prompt window and change to the directory to the undeletable file is located in.
  • At the command prompt type DEL where is the file you wish to delete.
  • Go back to Task Manager, click File, New Task and enter EXPLORER.EXE to restart the GUI shell.
Close Task Manager.

Also you can use the second method that I'm going to show inhere
  • First create Notepad file.
  • Rename it with your undeletable file name extension
ex: Think that you can't delete file with .EXE extension.So you need to change your notepad name to text.EXE like that.
  • Now open it using notepad you can use open with option in your right click menu
  • Click File and then Save As
  • locate the folder where your undeletable file is
  • Choose All files from the file type box
  • click once on the file u wanna delete
  • It should ask u to overwrite the existing file, choose yes and u can delete it as normal

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Windows Folder and Icon Refresh Enable

Whenever you added or removed a file from a directory in your windows system,thing you did,doesn't show untill you wouldn't refresh the directory?
Windows Folder and Icon Refresh Enable
If you do either of the above the change is not visible unless you hit F5 (refresh). This is annoying as you used to move some files off of a read only server to a writable directory and then by default just hit return to open them.

You always have to refresh the screen, select on the file and then open it.Enabling Folder and Icon Refresh anymore you want worry about this

This .reg file Enables Folder and Icon Refresh.Here is the step by step guide:

  • Copy the following into notepad.

  • Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

  • Save the file- as disablerefresh.reg3.
  • Double click the file to import into your registry.
ok your are done, Now you don't need anymore to do refresh manually in many cases

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Computer Security Solution Security Maintain Guide

Your computer is your life,it need regular maintenance. Learn what you can do to help improve your computer's security.
computer security solution
This guide will teach you basics maintenance tasks you can do today to start improving your computer's security and healthy. Be sure you make these part of your ongoing maintenance as well.Understand security vulnerabilities of your system.

I concentrate this guide to four steps:
  • Update your software
  • Backup your files
  • Use antivirus software and keep it updated
  • Change your passwords

Update your software:

Sign up for software update e-mail notices. Many software companies will send you e-mail whenever a software update is available. This is particularly important for your operating system,your anti virus program, and your firewall.

Register your software today.You still have registration forms for existing software, send them in. And be sure to register new software in the future. By this you can be sure that you have latest protection for your computer.

Install your software updates immediately.When you get an update notice, download the update immediately and install it for prevent newest threats.

Backup your files:

Back up your files. Backing up your files simply means creating a copy of your computer files that you can use in the event the originals are lost.So when your computer face to Accident and if your data lost you can use your backups.

Use antivirus software and keep it updated:

Scan your files with up to date anti virus software. Anti virus update is so important to your computer security.I suggest you to turn on your automatic updates for this case.
Use your anti virus scan tool regularly to search for potential computer viruses and worms. Also, check your anti virus program's user manual to see if you can schedule an automatic scan of your computer.

Change your passwords:

Change your passwords. Using the same password increases the odds that someone else will discover it. Change all of your passwords regularly to reduce your risk. Also, choose hefty
password for this case and then you can assure that anyone can't guess it.

One of the best ways to help protect your computer is to perform maintenance regularly and update your softwares when updates are available. At least you should update your antivirus if not you can't ensure your safety.By doing this you are not only helping to improve your computer, you are also helping to protect your personal information.

Remove Extra Operating System From Boot Menu

Have you install more than one operating system to your computer and is it annoying to you when booting ?
Remove Extra Operating System
So If you have more then one operating system installed on your computer and want to remove that operating system from the boot menu, Following information may be helpful to you.

  • First Click on Start, and Go to Control Panel, Then System, and Advanced.
  • Under Startup and Recovery, click on Settings.
  • Under Default Operating System, choose one of the following:

"Microsoft Windows XP Professional /fastdetect"
"Microsoft Windows XP Home /fasdetect"
"Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional /fastdetect"
  • Take the checkmark out of the box for "Time to display a list of Operating Systems".
  • Click Apply and Ok, and reboot the system.

If you wish to edit the boot.ini file manually, you can do it by clicking on the button "EDIT"

Add Internet Url Address Bar to Task Bar

As a every day visitor of internet you may worry that you always want to open your browser to type urls for visit sites,
Internet Url Address Bar to Task Bar
Is there any easy way for this?

Yes,You can add an Internet URL address bar to your Windows XP taskbar. By doing this,will let you type in URLs and launch Web pages without first launching a browser.So you don't need any more to wait until your browser open.

This will also let you launch some native Windows XP applications in much the same way as you would via the Run menu. So anymore you don't need to use run for many cases.Isn't this cool ?

(You could type in msconfig to launch the system configuration application or mspaint to launch Microsoft Paint or calc to lunch calculator).

Here's the way for add the address bar to task bar:

  • First Right-click on the taskbar check your task bar lock stats if your task bar lock ,just unlock it by clicking on "LOCK THE TASK BAR"
  • Then again Right click on task bar and select Toolbars, and then click Address.
  • Now the word Address will appear on your taskbar.
  • Now you can see vertical dotted lines beside the word Address and drag it to the left to make the Address window appear.
  • Then again right click on Task Bar and click on "LOCK THE TASK BAR" to lock it
If your taskbar is locked you can't see those dotted lines or can't do anything by clicking on address word.You can unlock it by right-clicking on the task bar again and uncheck Lock the Task bar.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Block Websties Without Using Software, Block Websites Guide

Many times as a regular surfer of internet you may need to block web sites from accessing your browser to them
Block Websties Without Using Software
We can use many softwares for this case, But some of them price is very higher also any one can change their settings and access to the web sites you blocked. So how do you block web site without using any software?? This guide will show you the easiest way for that matter

  • First Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
  • Find the file named "HOSTS"
  • Open it in notepad
  • Under " localhost"
  • Add , and that site will no longer be accessable.
( if you couldn't find HOSTS file in your system folder use search option in windows and do search HOSTS file in driver C )

after you add a site this Hosts file should see something like this localhost

Now that blocked web site can't accessible and you're done!

Also you can block any website using this method and think you need to block 3 websites from accessing your browser.

So your Hosts file should be like this after you edit it for more websites

For every site after that you want to add, just add "1" to the last number in the internal ip ( and then the add like above.

Monday, May 19, 2008

How To Install Windows ScreenSaver Manually

How to install ScreenSaver For windows computers.This wizard will guide you for your own Screen Saver
 Install Windows ScreenSaver
Click Here to download the ScreenSaver in above picture - Free Offer From Tutorials-NET

First you need to Copy your SCR extension file into your SYSTEM folder. This can be vary with your windows version
  • Windows 95/98/ME - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM
  • Windows XP/NT/2000 - C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32
Now Right-click in the Windows Desktop background
select "Properties".
A Display Properties dialog box opens.
Select the "Screen Saver" tab:

Select your screensaver in the list .Your copied screen saver should display in the list of screen savers if you done your job correctly in previous step.

Now select it click Apply and OK

You can change your screen saver setting by adjusting the SETTINGS there.

How to un-install a screensaver?

This is easy, you can do this Just search your screen saver in system folder and delete it manually or You can choose another screensaver (simply specify "None")

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to Embed Adsense Ads in Blogger Post Body

When you going to do this as a Administrator of blogger's blog you 'll have question on your mind !!
Embed Adsense Ads in Blogger Post Body
Why do I need place ad sense ads in blog body?
Answer is simple, Ads with content is more effective than others, in other words it makes more money than other unoptimized ad units.

So how do I embed my ads in my posts second question you have now?
So this guide I made for peoples who willing to earn more money with Adsense.

Before all you need to create new adunit for placing your blog body.
  • First log into your account and
  • AdSense Setup
  • Products and choose “AdSense for Content”.
  • Then create ad unit as you prefer , I recommend to 125*125 and 120*240 formats. But you can Embed any ad unit as your page space.
Then copy that code to .txt files and now you need to do some adjustment for it because we need to make it as compatible for blogger.

(This is not against AdSense rules because after the code is inserted into the template, when you view the source code of the template, you should see the exact same AdSense code that Google has generated for you)

If you did correctly until this step now you want to have code something like below:
adsense ad code

Now change the code with replacement below:
adsense ad code changes

Now your ad code should be similar to below ad code:

With that code log in to your blogger account and on dashboard
  • Click on Layout
  • edit html
  • click on expand widget template
  • And Search the code below ( you can use FIND command for this case )
search code for place adsense code

K now think if you want to position your ad in between title and content so you need to place your ad code upper this code.

If you want to place your ad after the every posts you need to paste your ad code after this 4 lines

Think if you need place your ad between title and content left hand side then you need to extra code for that like below

AdSense Code

If you need place ads in right hand side :

AdSense Code

Also you can use :

AdSense Code

Blogger Help

Saturday, May 17, 2008

How To Remove The NavBar of Blogger Sites

NavBar is the what you see in the top any sites something like the picture shown above.
Remove The NavBar of Blogger Sites

As a administrator of blogger site's blog some times you may got some annoying feeling from blogger NavBar

Sometime it cause to away users from your site too. So may be you want remove it from your blog , Here's the way for that

  • First you need to log in to your blogger account
  • On dashboard select Layout
  • Then go to EditHTML
  • Find code somthing like below and place the code:
#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

As i showed in the below.

/* ************ START OF CSS STYLING ************ */

/* -------------------------------------------------------
Blogger Template Design:
------------------------------------------------------- */
#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;
/* Variable definitions


Find system UpTime and Original Install Date

If you're user of Windows XP operating system there's easiest way to find out Some informations of your system.
Find system UpTime and Original Install Date and informations

Here's the way to find out System informations:

  • Click Start
  • Run and
  • Type cmd to open a command prompt.
At the prompt, type systeminfo

This will show you list of informations about your computer.

Scroll down the list of information and find line that says System Up Time.
This will tell you in
days, hours, minutes
and seconds how long the system has been up.

Above line to system uptime will show you Original Install Date of your system

please note this command only works in XP Pro, not in XP Home. You can, however, type net statistics workstation at the prompt in Home. The first line will tell you the day and time that the system came online.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Find Serial Numbers of Application Softwares

Google is the easiest way to find Serials for any kind software.This will show you how to find Serials using Google
Serial Numbers of Application Softwares
Instead of our regular way " Serial number Software name ", we can use method that i'm going to discuss here to search any kind of serial number on net.

K now lets think you need serial number for NERO as our older and regular way we are just type Serial number for Nero or something like that on Google.

Other than it we can use some special code like below of this.
"nero" 94FBR

the key is the 94FBR code. it was included with many Software registration codes so this will help you dramatically reduce the amount of 'fake' p0rn sites that trick you.

or if you want to find the serial for adobe photoshop - "adobe photoshop" 94FBR

This will work well for this case and ensure your privacy and time from fake p0rn sites

Set TITLE To Your Blogger Site

Set TITLE TAG to your blog is very simply and also it's very important to have a good Ranking in search engines
Set TITLE Blogger blog Site
One of my prior post I discussed about this,but I couldn't explain how to set title and Meta tags to blog.I only discussed in that post making meta and title keywords and little bit more about it.So many people got confuse and asked me to step by step guide to set title tag and meta tags to blog. So I suggest to divide my prior post to two parts and separate them as Set meta tags to blog and Set Title to blog

  • Set TITLE TO YOUR BLOG for Good search engine ranking
When you going to set title to your blog First thing you need to do is find the keywords you want to optimize, For this case you can use keyword generator or online keyword tools

I suggest you to using this free search engine optimization tool called GoodKeywords
(Use this tool to make Good related keywords to your site)

For example if you want to optimize for the keyword "tech news", just search for the keyword in any of the tools specified above... It would show you keywords related to that and not of the searches..

Pick the keywords which are related to your site.

For example when you search for "Tech News" you'll see the following results:

pc security
use proxy
anonymous proxy
Now see what other terms are related to your site

Do couple of searches like that and note down around 15-20 keywords.Then, keep the keywords which are searched most on the top.

  • Now you need Title Tag for the page.
Title tag should include top 3 keywords, like for "tech news" it can be like :

"Latest Tech News, Information Technology News and Other computer raleted news here."

Remember that characters should not be more than 95 and should not have more than 3 "," commas - some search engines might consider more than 3 commas as spam

k with your created title tag now we going to set it as our blog title for this case you need to
  1. login to the blogger account
  2. Then Setting and
  3. Under the BASIC tab you will see the title box.
  4. Set it with your created title and Save changes

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Web Design Company Selecting Tips

Once you decided to have a website you must think a website designing company that can build one for you.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
When you going to have a website for your business you must think about Website hosting and designing,This tutorial I'm going to discuss how to choose your web designing company.

Poorly designed web site may cost bucks, lose your customer and pull down your reputation in the market.So Just refer the below given simple tips before selecting web design company.
  • Evaluate Site Requirements.
You could probably hire freelancers to generate, execute and uphold your web site. If your web site would serve only as an online pamphlet, think about outsourcing the creation and performance, while treatment future preservation, like fixing broken links,domestic. Be sensible about your own objectives and growth strategy so you know whether to employ a long-term or a short-term contractor.
  • Study web developer’s work.
It's necessary that you investigate a Web developer's job so you could measure their potential. Once you have found a few web developers you like through references, Web directories or even through competitors' web sites calculate their online portfolios and fees. A web site does not really have to be flashy to do its job, but you must value the web developer's design sense. Also, think of hiring a firm known with your particular industry.
  • Assess their services.
Determine if the web designer meets your requirements. If you need to sell your products and services online, look for established person with e-commerce experience. If you're allowing for one-person organization, does the web designer have the knowledge required to generate everything you need? Alternatively, would you get lost in the hobble at a huge firm with lots of other clients? Decide what extras the organization offer, such as copy writing, advertising and for other services.
  • Check references.
Browsing a company's job is could be assisting, but you as well need to know how they work. A Web design firm could be the most artistic in the globe, but if it never finishes your web site, it would not do much good for you. Call past clients and ask if the web developer firm:

• Stick on to deadlines.
• Met their requirements.
• Was open to proposals and questions.
• Fixed necessary problems punctually.
• Worked within the actual budget.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Buying Domain Names - Create Good Domain Names

Domain names are an identity for a website. Each website has its own domain name.
Buying Domain Names
By this tutorial I hope to give some tips to create good domain names are memorable, short, dot com, global, nice sound, hyphen free, repeated alphabets, descriptive, keyword and brand.

Good domain names must be memorable. It shall go immediately to visitors mind. They accidentally easy to memorize the domain name. It will attract more unique visitors to the website. The domain name must be unique and different from others.

When domain buying you must consider about the name, It must be short in spelling. It shall not be more than ten alphabets. It is easier to be memorized and spelt. Short in spelling can reduce the possibility of spelling mistakes. Visitors are always like to type the short name.

Good domain names normally with suffix dot com. Dot com is more popular and familiar. Most visitors tend to assume and write suffix dot com when they forget the actual suffix. Person who want to buy domain name also normally prefer to choose dot com as first choice.

Register a domain names shall be a global name. It can be accepted by visitors from different countries, races and religions. Global name seems more elegant and attract more visitors. Global name domain can be generic or unique domain name.

Good domain names must be nice sound. It is easy in pronunciation. Easy pronunciation will easy to memorize and to spell. Visitors tend to appreciate more on the nice sound domain name. Most famous domain names are nice to be heard and pronounced.

Buy domain names shall containing alphabets only. It shall not contain hyphen and number. Containing hyphen seems the name impression is not good. The domain name also can be spelt wrongly because the pronunciation and spelling is different.

Good domain name normally containing repeated alphabets. Repeated alphabets will bring nice sound. Nice sound means more memorable. Most popular website use this tips for their domain name. Their website sounds are nice and famous.

Good Creative domain name must descriptive. It shall be reflective to the website activity. Visitors able to know immediately the website activity by just see the domain name. Use opposite domain name will cause real visitors will not reach the website.

If domain names shall containing keyword respective to the website activity. It's call as a Good domain name.Combination keywords can be used. The important things are the sound must be nice to be heard and memorized. Good combination keywords become unique domain name.

Good domain name shall be able to be branded name. Most branded domain name now started from unbranded domain name status previously. Create new branded name to be different from exist trademarks. Generic name can be customized to be unique domain name.

There is challenge to meet all above tips. Use our head and heart to create good and creative internet domain name. Get the domain name immediately before others get it. Trust and confident in our intuition. We must love our domain names. Then we will do better for our website.

Website Search Engine Optimization - Set META Tags to Blogger

META Tags are very important to getting your blog listed on top in Search Engines.
Website Search Engine Optimization set meta
Many of Search engine optimization companies mainly consider about title tag and meta tags.So now you now how important to set title tag & list of Meta tags to your site.Here is the simple tutorial to set META Tags to you blogger site.

Please be consider things that I'm mentioning in this tutorial and do exactly what I said in here.
  • Set Meta Tags to Good search engine ranking

You need following Meta Tags in web page

<name="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3">
<name="description" content="brief description about the site">
<name="robots" content="Index,Follow">

No need to have other meta tags like abstract, re-visit and all, most people don't read it.

  • <name="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3">

This one should have all your keywords inside starting from keyword with most counts...

keyword tag for our example would be something like :

<name="keywords" content="tech news,technology news, computer technology news,information technology,software news">

Remember to put around 15-20 keywords max not more than that. Don't repeat keywords or don't put keywords like, "tech news", "info tech news", "latest tech news" and so on...

  • <name="description" content="brief description about the site">

Provide short description about your site and include all the keywords mentioned in the title tag.

Description tag should be:
<name="description" content="One Stop for Latest Tech News, Information Technology News, Computer Related and Software news.">

It can be upto 255 characters and avoid using more than 3 "," commas

  • <name="robots" content="Index,Follow">
This is used for search robots..following explanation will help you :

index,follow = index the page as well as follow the links
noindex,follow = dont index the page but follow the links
index,nofollow = index the page but dont follow the links
noindex,nofollow = dont index page, dont follow the links
all = same as index,follow
none = same as noindex,nofollow

K with those meta tags you created as I told you before now we are going to add them to our blogger site..
  1. First you need to log in to the blogger account
  2. Then Click on Layout it's on your Dashboard
  3. Click EDIT HTML tab
  4. Find this code in your Html template <data="'blog'" name="'all-head-content'">
  5. It's in just bellow of your <head> tag
  6. Past your META Tags bellow <data="'blog'" name="'all-head-content'"> this code thats all
<data="'blog'" name="'all-head-content'">
<name="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3">
<name="description" content="brief description about the site">
<name="robots" content="Index,Follow">

Buying a Domain name Purchase Your Domain Name Today

Buying a Domain nameHow to choose and purchase a domain name for your website? Buying a domain name is actually cheap and easy, but there are some things to consider when choosing the best domain name for your business.

If you have a domain name that gives people an idea of what it is that you’re offering, it will make your site that much easier for them to not only find, but to actually visit. For example, the name of my website is, so when people come across my URL anywhere, they can take an educated guess that what I’m offering relates to the tutorials.

This is what makes it so important to get a UNIQUE domain name, and not a sub-domain name (for example, And a unique domain name gives your website credibility and a much more polished and professional look.

Something else that’s important for you to know is that once you purchase your unique domain name, you own it. So no matter how many times you change web hosts, you, as the owner of that domain name, have the right to take it with you. If you have a sub-domain with your web host, that web host actually owns the domain name.

And just as important, if you do end up moving your website to a different host, all your marketing efforts to date will not have gone to waste because your customers and clients will still be able to find you under your unique domain name.

Your unique domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers, but it cannot include any special characters, except for hyphens (because the search engines actually prefer hyphens!). It can be as short as two characters or as long as 67. The shorter and catchier your domain name, the more likely people will remember it. Just don’t make it hard to spell... :)

Another strategy for increasing your search engine rankings with your domain name is to choose a domain name that includes the keywords that your niche is searching for. That’s not always possible, especially as more and more people get savvy about internet marketing and snap up those domains. But search engines do give more weight to domain names that include keywords because they have higher relevancy to what people are actually searching for. For example, would get higher search engine rankings than for keyword tutorials or anyother.

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is whether or not to register any other domain levels, like .net and .org. I always strongly suggest to get a .com first. If you don’t, you are losing potential clients and customers. Most people (and web browsers) will default to a .com first. Remember, you always want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you online.

But, in addition, you should also consider buying the .net and .org domains as well, just so you’re not losing traffic to another site with the same name but a different extension. And since domain names are so cheap, there’s really no reason not to.

Another tip to consider is to purchase common misspellings of your domain name as well. For example, for my site name (which I also recommend you register), I own and

Once you’ve decided on a domain name, you can check to see if it’s available at If it is, you can register it there and park it for free for $7.99 per year.
Also you can choose any other domain registrars like godaddyl They also offer a free domain name brainstorming tool in case you need it. (I don’t get anything for recommending them; I’m just a happy customer).

So now you know what to consider when choosing your domain name(s), and you have an excellent resource for registering them. So don’t wait any longer to claim your space on the web!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to make Video Game Avatar

Video Game avatar s are more popular among the peoples world wide.May be you're also like to make a avatar in games,but don't know the way for it.. This tutorial is for you
avatar games
For this case you need to have Power DVD. We choose this because Power DVD is more popular and many peoples use is.So hang with us

Step by step guide make avatar in Games:
  • Open Power DVD:
  • Open a movie or Video clip: ( any movie or video you like )
  • Go to the beginning of the part u want as avatar & click on pause
  • make a picture of it:
  • Press 2 steps forward & then make another picture, do this until u got the whole part
  • Go to image ready & then select "file", "import" & then "folder as frames..." & then u select the folder wit your pictures made with power DVD
  • Put the layers in place & save it optimized as GIF

Advice & Help to buy a New Computer System ,Make Good Selection

Are you going to buying a new computer system... ??
Tips to Buying a New Computer

What are the things you should consider before buying? There are so many brands and models of computers available, and it can all be a little overwhelming when you start to look around.

How do you decide what type of computer you need?? And perhaps more importantly, how do you decide what the best value is?

I have sold computers professionally for almost 20 years, and there are certain "tricks of the trade" that most computer stores and salespeople use. Knowing these secrets can make your decision easier and will help you buy the right computer for your needs.

  • Buy What You Need, Maybe a Little More
One of the most important things you can do when buying a new computer is make a list of the things that you will be using it for. There are so many different models - with different capabilities - that you can easily buy more, or less, than you really need if you don't.

If this is your first computer, this can be a little tougher. Until you've used a computer, it's hard to know exactly what you might want to do with it beyond the obvious, like connecting to the internet.

Regardless, you should think about some of the things you might want to do. Some possibilities include:
  1. Play games
  2. Connect to the internet
  3. Digital video
  4. Digital photography
  5. Type documents
  6. Accounting
  7. Design websites
  8. Digital scrapbooking
  9. Geneology
  10. Programming

These things need more power than others. For example, connecting to the internet really doesn't need a lot of power. Even the most basic computer available will probably work just fine.
Digital video and many games need a lot more power. If you don't get a fast enough computer with enough memory, you'll be disappointed with the performance.

Knowing what you're going to be using your computer for will help your salesperson, whether they're on the phone, the internet or standing in front of you, recommend the best system for your needs.

As a general rule you're always better off buying more power than you need rather than less, but buying too much can be a waste of money.

  • Consider About Warranty
Computer warranties are one of the most confusing and obscure parts of your purchase. You should consider about this before buying any electronic equipment not only computer.Most manufacturers have cut back on their customer service to the point where poor service has become a given.

The three most common options are on site, carry-in or manufacturer's depot service.

On site service can be helpful, but think about whether you want to have to be available for a technician to come and diagnose your computer, and possibly have to come back with parts at another time.

Carry in service is a good option, but find out whether the service center is factory authorized for warranty repairs, as well as whether the technicians are all certified.

Shipping your computer to a factory service center can take a long time - sometimes a number of weeks. It also creates risk that your computer will be damaged or even lost in shipping. In some cases, the manufacturer will even replace your computer with another unit and ship it back to you, rather than repairing it. This can result in your losing any information that was on your system and having to reload all your software.

Another aspect of the warranty to find out about is technical support. Find out if the computer manufacturer offers a toll-free phone number and what the quality of service is like.

The better computer salespeople will be honest about this and tell you if a company's service leaves something to be desired. You can also do some research on the internet - most of the computer magazines like PC Magazine and PC World have annual customer service comparisons that rate the larger computer companies.

Always find out how the warranty is handled before making your decision. Even if it doesn't influence your choice, knowing what to expect if something does go wrong will save some nasty surprises down the road.

  • Negotiate about the Price Down?
A computer is a relatively large investment - anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Many computer buyers expect that there is a significant amount of "wiggle room" on the price.

The reality is that most computer hardware - the physical pieces like the computer, monitor and printer - is sold at very low profit margins. Often, computer systems are even sold at or below the dealer cost. When you're buying a computer, it never hurts to ask for a better deal, but don't be surprised if you only get a few dollars off, if anything.

Over the close to 20 years I've sold computers, I watched the profit margins go from over 40% to less than 5%. It's almost embarassing to offer a $20 discount on a $2500 computer system, but that could mean the difference between making and losing money on the sale.

What you can do to get the best price is to do some comparison shopping. Most computer stores offer price-matching guarantees, so if you find your computer for less at another store, most dealers will match or beat that price, even if it means they lose money.

  • Computer Stores, How do they Make Money?

You might be wondering how these computer stores make any money if they're selling computer for so little profit.

Their money is made on add-on items. The highest profit areas in most computer stores are cables and "consumable" products such as printer ink and paper.

Printer ink is a huge money-maker for most computer stores (even more so for the printer manufacturers). Why is this? Once you've bought a printer, you're going to have to replace your ink at some point, and continue to replace it as it runs out.

Most chain computer stores and office supply stores that carry a large selection of ink cartridges make more from ink than they do from the computers themselves.

Cables also have huge markups. A cable that costs the store $2-3 will often sell for $20-30. That's ten times their cost!

If you're buying a new computer, you will likely need to buy some cables. Some items - printers, for example - don't often include the cables needed to hook them up.

Many printers also come with "starter" ink cartridges that are only half-full. You might also want to pick up some extra ink cartridges.

This is where you should be able to negotiate a better price. Don't expect the salesperson to throw them in for nothing, but they should be willing to offer you a better price. After all, if you're happy with their service, you'll probably continue to buy your ink, paper and other products from that store in the future.

  • Software you want to have Include in your computer when buying?
The last secret of buying a new computer has to do with the software that is included. Most new computer systems include quite a few programs and sometimes the value of the software can be quite high.

Something to watch out for when looking at the included software is "trial versions" or "limited editions".

Many programs that are preloaded are either crippled versions that don't have all the features of the full program, or trial versions that will only run for a certain amount of time before they expire.

Computer are often sold with trial versions of the following types of software:
  1. Anti virus
  2. firewall
  3. Accounting - both business and personal
  4. MS Office or other office suites
The computer manufacturers generally don't make it easy to tell whether the software on their systems are trial versions or limited versions. This is a question that you should specifically ask if you can't find the answer in their promotional information.

If you're buying a new computer with trial versions of the software, keep in mind that you will need to pay to continue using it after the trial period is over. This is an added cost that you need to consider as part of your overall budget.

These five "secrets" of buying a new computer are fairly common sense, but they are not always made clear up front. Knowing what to ask will help you in two ways. First, you can be sure you are getting the right computer for your needs.

Second, if the salesperson or company that you're dealing with explains these things to you without being asked, you'll know you're dealing with someone who is honest and upfront.

Knowing you can trust the people you're dealing with is an invaluable feature of your new computer system.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Three Things You Can Do to Keep Your Computer Running at high performance

Although there are many things that can affect to the computer system performance,
computer performance monitoring

There are a few simply things you can do each month to help keep your computer running at high/maximum performance. This article will focus on two problems that impact the performance of your computer and will then explain what you can do about it.

  • Problem #1: Computer Hard Disk Files
Your computer is always writing information to your hard disk, no matter what you do. Your computer attempts to keep all file information in the same location on your hard drive. As you add and delete files, blank spaces are left between your files. As you add new programs or files, your computer tries to use these blank spaces.

Over time, this reading and writing of files can affect the way your computer performs. The files eventually become scattered in multiple locations on your hard disk rather than in the same location.

Your computer will still find the information. However, the more scattered the information becomes on your hard drive, the more accesses your computer has to make to find (and gather) the information. This requires your hard disk to work harder and do more reading/writing than is necessary. It will slow down your computer by as much as 200% and causes increased wear and tear on your hard drive.

  • Problem #2: Spyware
If you use the Internet, at some point you will download a file or software program onto your computer. Sometimes you will know something is being downloaded to your computer. Other times you will have no idea. (Although this article will not talk about small files called “cookies”, you may want to look up information on this subject. Cookies are written onto your computer from the Internet.)

Free computer programs (often referred to as Freeware) are a big hit on the Internet. Every day thousands of users download these “free programs”. Although there are some great freeware programs, these programs often have advertisements or tracking code associated with their use. The term “Spyware” refers to programs that gather information about your computer and (Internet) surfing habits without your knowledge. This information is then sold to a third party company as a means of generating revenue.

The problem with Spyware is that it also impacts the performance of your computer. It can make your computer very sluggish and unresponsive.

Three Steps to Improved Computer Performance
Now that we’ve discussed two problems that affect the performance of your computer, let’s discuss three things you can do to get your computer performance back to normal. You should do these three steps in the order presented. Ideally, you should repeat them about once a month or whenever you notice a change in your computer’s performance.

Solving Section:
  • Step #1: Delete Spyware
The first thing you should do is to delete spyware files or programs from your computer. To do this, you can use a free software program such as Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition from LavaSoft. To get the program, go to and search for “Ad-Aware SE” (without the quotes). Select “Download Now” and follow the installation instructions. Once the program is installed, you can scan your computer for spyware files. Then, you can select and delete them from your computer.
  1. Always be sure to use the “Check for updates now” option to keep your program current.
  2. You need to be aware that when you delete spyware files, some of those “free” programs you downloaded may not continue to work correctly. If you have a program you’ve downloaded and want to continue to use, check very carefully what you select to delete from the “Scanning results” once the scan has been completed.

  • Step #2: Clean up your Hard Disk
Once the spyware is removed, you need to clean up temporary and unwanted files from your hard disk. To do this on your windows PC, select the start option in the lower left hand corner of your computer screen. Then, select the program option. Under the program option, select “Accessories”. Under the “Accessories” option, select “System Tools”. From the System Tools option, select “Disk Cleanup”.

Select the drive you want to clean from the pull-down menu and select OK. Usually, this is Drive C. If you have more than one hard drive, select one at a time. This program will then scan your computer for files that could be erased from your computer. You can safely erase all temporary and Recycle Bin files. You can also check the box of any other files you want the program to erase.

  • Step #3: Defrag your Hard Disk
Once all the spyware and temporary files are removed, you need to defrag your hard disk. This process simply rewrites your computer files so they are no longer scattered all over your hard disk, but are written in the same location for quick sequential access.

To defrag your hard disk on your windows PC, select the start option in the lower left hand corner of your computer screen. Then, select the program option. Under the program option, select “Accessories”. Under the “Accessories” option, select “System Tools”. From the System Tools option, select “Disk Defragmenter”. First, select the hard drive from your computer. Usually, this is Drive C. However, many computers have multiple hard drives. Select one at a time.

You can select “Analyze” to have the program check out the hard drive and see if it needs to be defragged. The program will prompt you at the completion of its analysis. Use the defragment option as prompted.

If you’ve never used this option before, I would recommend that you select the defragment option.

Once, you’ve completed these three steps, your computer and hard disk should be able to operate at high performance. Don’t forget to repeat these steps at least once a month or whenever you notice a change in your computer’s performance.

Computer Help : Auto End Tasks to Enable a Proper computer shuts down

This reg file automatically ends tasks and timeouts that prevent programs from shutting down and clears the Paging File on Exit.
Computer Help for computer shuts down
  • Copy the following (everything in the box) into notepad.( Code indicate by red color)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop]


  • Save the file as shutdown.reg
  • Double click the file to import into your registry.

NOTE: If your anti-virus software warns you of a "malicious" script, this is normal if you have "Script Safe" or similar technology enabled.

Easily Disconnect reconnect From Broadband Internet

Disconnect reconnect From Broadband Internet It's pretty easy.
Broadband Internet Disconnect reconnect
Makes it just as easy to disconnect and reconnect on broadband as it is on dialup.

simply open up network connections, and drag your connection to your quicklaunch / desktop wherever.

K this 's the step and step guide to how to do this:
  • First click on start
  • Then control panel
  • Then locket the NETWORK CONNECTIONS icon
  • Open it and drag it to your desktop
As i say before it's pretty easy.