Thursday, May 8, 2008

Windows XP registry backup Guide

Backup your windows xp registry Before you doing any hacks to your registry.It's pretty good idea and I suggest you to do this every time you're going to make changes to your registry.
Windows XP registry backup

For Win 98 & ME.

  • Click Start /Run and type in regedit
  • Next, click the Registry menu, Export Registry File
  • Select a location from the resulting box and give your backup registry a
name. I use:


That's it!

For XP users.

  • Click Start /Run and type in regedit.
  • Next, click the File menu, Export
  • Select a location from the resulting box and give your backup registry a
name. Something like:


By default, Windows backs up the registry when you shut down your machine. The above is probably best used for those (like myself) who like to tinker with registry settings.

How to restore the registry you just backed up

First, if Windows gets an error when loading your registry, it will automatically revert to its backup, so it should never give you any kind of trouble loading.

OK, but what do you do if you've been playing around in your registry and have really messed stuff up?

Click the Registry menu (in the Registry Editor) and select Import Registry . Then just point the computer to your back up file.

You can also add the registry to your regular backup routine (you do have a backup routine, don't you?). Your registry is in two hidden files called "User.dat" and "System.dat", located in the Windows folder. Just add those two files to your normal backup.


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