Monday, May 26, 2008

Block Ads in Yahoo Messenger Ads Remove Guide

Are you a user of yahoo messenger system and yahoo ads slow down your system every time when you connecting to the yahoo?
Yahoo ads remove
How to remove ads in yahoo messenger showed by upper image ??

We can remove yahoo ads completely from our messenger software,But if they really not annoying to you don't do this because yahoo make funds from these ads and thats how we chat in yahoo without spent any dime.

I mention you again if ads only annoying to you by slowing your system then follow the whole process because you have a good reason for do that

  • Then extract it into folder in your system
  • After that execute NOADS.EXE
  • restart yahoo messenger
  • You can see ads are gone No more annoying s
Or you can use yahoo settings to remove this pop up unit from your messenger, It's the easy way to get rid of this pop up unit
  • First Login using the Yahoo messenger.
  • Then Go to Messenger >> Preferences.
  • The Yahoo messenger preferences window appears.
  • Now, select the General category and uncheck Show Yahoo! Messenger Insider in the When I sign in to Yahoo! Messenger section.


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