Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to Download Torrents Files Using Google Filetype:Torrent

As we know Google is the very important tool in net for search many sort of things in internet.So how do we search torrents?
Download Torrents Files torrent file secrets
Yah it's very easy with Google You have to say I need only torrent files with This "name" Name is anything you want. So how do we say it to Google.There are many more ways to say that but in here I'm going to teach you the easiest way to make like that demand.

Here it is you can use this for many file types as your needs.It's up to you.

"file name" filetype:torrent

You must not write ( " ) when you are search

Ex: Think you want to search Microsoft XP Installer package
Then you can search in many ways like I showed below.

Microsoft xp filetype:torrent
Microsoft xp Installer filetype:torrent
Microsoft xp cd filetype:torrent

Like that make small changes you can get variety of results by that.


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