Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to Embed Adsense Ads in Blogger Post Body

When you going to do this as a Administrator of blogger's blog you 'll have question on your mind !!
Embed Adsense Ads in Blogger Post Body
Why do I need place ad sense ads in blog body?
Answer is simple, Ads with content is more effective than others, in other words it makes more money than other unoptimized ad units.

So how do I embed my ads in my posts second question you have now?
So this guide I made for peoples who willing to earn more money with Adsense.

Before all you need to create new adunit for placing your blog body.
  • First log into your account and
  • AdSense Setup
  • Products and choose “AdSense for Content”.
  • Then create ad unit as you prefer , I recommend to 125*125 and 120*240 formats. But you can Embed any ad unit as your page space.
Then copy that code to .txt files and now you need to do some adjustment for it because we need to make it as compatible for blogger.

(This is not against AdSense rules because after the code is inserted into the template, when you view the source code of the template, you should see the exact same AdSense code that Google has generated for you)

If you did correctly until this step now you want to have code something like below:
adsense ad code

Now change the code with replacement below:
adsense ad code changes

Now your ad code should be similar to below ad code:

With that code log in to your blogger account and on dashboard
  • Click on Layout
  • edit html
  • click on expand widget template
  • And Search the code below ( you can use FIND command for this case )
search code for place adsense code

K now think if you want to position your ad in between title and content so you need to place your ad code upper this code.

If you want to place your ad after the every posts you need to paste your ad code after this 4 lines

Think if you need place your ad between title and content left hand side then you need to extra code for that like below

AdSense Code

If you need place ads in right hand side :

AdSense Code

Also you can use :

AdSense Code


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