Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to make Video Game Avatar

Video Game avatar s are more popular among the peoples world wide.May be you're also like to make a avatar in games,but don't know the way for it.. This tutorial is for you
avatar games
For this case you need to have Power DVD. We choose this because Power DVD is more popular and many peoples use is.So hang with us

Step by step guide make avatar in Games:
  • Open Power DVD:
  • Open a movie or Video clip: ( any movie or video you like )
  • Go to the beginning of the part u want as avatar & click on pause
  • make a picture of it:
  • Press 2 steps forward & then make another picture, do this until u got the whole part
  • Go to image ready & then select "file", "import" & then "folder as frames..." & then u select the folder wit your pictures made with power DVD
  • Put the layers in place & save it optimized as GIF


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