Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Website Search Engine Optimization - Set META Tags to Blogger

META Tags are very important to getting your blog listed on top in Search Engines.
Website Search Engine Optimization set meta
Many of Search engine optimization companies mainly consider about title tag and meta tags.So now you now how important to set title tag & list of Meta tags to your site.Here is the simple tutorial to set META Tags to you blogger site.

Please be consider things that I'm mentioning in this tutorial and do exactly what I said in here.
  • Set Meta Tags to Good search engine ranking

You need following Meta Tags in web page

<name="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3">
<name="description" content="brief description about the site">
<name="robots" content="Index,Follow">

No need to have other meta tags like abstract, re-visit and all, most people don't read it.

  • <name="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3">

This one should have all your keywords inside starting from keyword with most counts...

keyword tag for our example would be something like :

<name="keywords" content="tech news,technology news, computer technology news,information technology,software news">

Remember to put around 15-20 keywords max not more than that. Don't repeat keywords or don't put keywords like, "tech news", "info tech news", "latest tech news" and so on...

  • <name="description" content="brief description about the site">

Provide short description about your site and include all the keywords mentioned in the title tag.

Description tag should be:
<name="description" content="One Stop for Latest Tech News, Information Technology News, Computer Related and Software news.">

It can be upto 255 characters and avoid using more than 3 "," commas

  • <name="robots" content="Index,Follow">
This is used for search robots..following explanation will help you :

index,follow = index the page as well as follow the links
noindex,follow = dont index the page but follow the links
index,nofollow = index the page but dont follow the links
noindex,nofollow = dont index page, dont follow the links
all = same as index,follow
none = same as noindex,nofollow

K with those meta tags you created as I told you before now we are going to add them to our blogger site..
  1. First you need to log in to the blogger account
  2. Then Click on Layout it's on your Dashboard
  3. Click EDIT HTML tab
  4. Find this code in your Html template <data="'blog'" name="'all-head-content'">
  5. It's in just bellow of your <head> tag
  6. Past your META Tags bellow <data="'blog'" name="'all-head-content'"> this code thats all
<data="'blog'" name="'all-head-content'">
<name="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3">
<name="description" content="brief description about the site">
<name="robots" content="Index,Follow">


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