Saturday, May 31, 2008

Computer Firewall, Why you need to have Firewall System to Your Computer

Your home Internet connection leaves you vulnerable to hackers who want to access your financial and personal information.
why need to have firewall in computer
hackers can send malicious viruses and worms, blackening to your computer. Intruders have the power to destroy your operating system or gather you data. How can you lock that computer to hackers but still have the freedom to do your business online?

A solid firewall help you to stop intruders from accessing to your computer. You keep your Internet link to the outside world but the outside world can't view you unless you want allow to them. With a firewall in place you will still have typical email access, but chat and other interactive programs will require to have your permission to access before you can use them. A firewall is powerful and unobtrusive.

The path to your computer data has two doorways. Some of your data is stored on a physical media storage device- such as a hard drive, optical disk, thumb drive, or some other. The other method is your computer memory. If you open either of these storage methods leaves your network and your data vulnerable.

Now I'm going to show you some methods that hackers use to hack in to your system and you can avoid like these effort from hackers using firewall system in your computer:
  • Method 01:IP spoofing
This attack occurs when someone outside your network fool your computer into recognizing the intruder as a trusted source-either a trusted internal source ( using an IP address that is within the range of IP addresses in your network) or a trusted external IP address that your system recognizes.

IP spoofing only can lunch when a hacker get your IP address. The hacker then modifies the packet headers on his communications to your computer. A packet header is present in any transfer of computer data and is similar to a routing number on a check-the header guides the packet of data on its journey just as a routing number guides a check.
  • Method 02:Network Packet Sniffing.
Windows NT sends network packets as unprotected clear text, inadvertently allowing anyone to pick packets up en route for a closer look. Even though some packet sniffers are legitimate (for network management) others are used to steal your information while in transit. This method is a easiest way for attack some ones information.So many of hackers use it to achieve their hacking.
  • Method 03:Man in the Middle
When someone accesses information between two individuals without either one detecting the infiltrator's presence. If both parties are using a public-key system to send data, the man in the middle can intercept the public key, and use it to steal your data.
  • Method 04:Distribution of Sensitive Internal Information to External Sources
This attack could involve a disgruntled employee or someone who has or once had access to sensitive corporate information of their's. The individual could place the sensitive data on an external computer so others can use it to have full access.
  • Method 05:Password Attacks
Once someone has access to your user name and password, the attackers will then have the key to personal information. There are several ways an attacker can attack to your password. Some of them are Password Gussing , Brute Force and Password Cracking.

1) Password Guessing Method
Attackers can either enter guesses password and user names manually or electronically.If you use very comman user and pass then this attack method is easy to hackers.

2) Brute-Force Login Method
This is also way password guessing, however, hackers use some tools to brute force your login.

3) Password Cracking Method
This attack lunch using Password Cracking software obtains the password file in Windows and after getting pass file then they use password decripting tool to get your password.


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