Monday, May 26, 2008

Yahoo Multi Messenger Use Two Yahoo ID s in Same Time

Did you ever try to login to your yahoo messenger with your two different yahoo ID s? If so this article for you.
Yahoo Multi Messenger
Yahoo Multi Messenger is application we can use for this purpose.Using this we can login to yahoo messenger with two different Ids.As well it can remove yahoo ads from our messenger so no longer annoying ads there.

This application will allow you to run multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger on your pc. Perfect for those who have several different yahoo id s and would like to be logged in to them at once.

First you need to download the yahoo multi messenger from here. Y Multi Messenger
How to use :
  • It is highly recommended to uninstall the old version of YM and then install the newest one first, also deleting any old Y!Multi Messenger.exe files in the c:\program files\yahoo\messenger folder as well.
  • Open the program up and either select to Enable or Disable the patch, thats it!!
  • As well you can block ads by using this.To block ads, click either one of the appropriate boxes to either disable ads or reinstate them. The YM main ad has its own check mark to select. Check it to remove the main ad or Uncheck it to show the ad. Ad is referred to the one at the bottom of YM.
Now Just double click the desktop icon to load up X amount of Yahoo! Messengers, thats it!

Note : you may have to un check the "Automatically Sign In" option on the login screens though or you will start getting the "You have been logged out as you were logged in on a different machine" message.


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