Monday, June 16, 2008

Which Computer Parts need to Buy & Which are Best

First you're going to buy or upgrade your computer, Often this is the one part that takes the most time and consideration.
Which parts do I buy? Which are best?
Computer Parts
There are many good places to buy computer parts. You can go to a computer shop in your area. Although they often provide good warranties, the trade off may be that you will pay a little more than you would in other places. Quite often a lot more. Also, due to the sheer volume of people they see every day, some of the so called specialists don't always listen to your concerns and start jumping to conclusions on what you need or what the problem is.

Some of them take pride that they can give you a technical answer in two seconds and make themselves look smart, even though what they just said is probably wrong. If you walk in and say your computer keeps crashing and he insists you need a new motherboard and CPU to fix it, go somewhere else.

Most towns have smaller shops that sell and repair computer equipment. These may be office and stationary suppliers in a shopping center. Regardless of location, such shops are often cheaper and can provide individual attention. The hardware they sell is often retail packaged from the manufacturer. They may also sell OEM hardware, which usually comes wrapped in nothing but a static bag and is accompanied with very little documentation. You will need to be the judge on this type of hardware. If you feel you need the documentation, you should not buy OEM hardware. Also, not to stereotype certain businesses, but I have to tell you this so you'll be informed, the smaller computer stores are sometimes a little more questionable as to their honesty I've found. This is not always the case, but since they are a smaller business and don't have the large sale volumes of the larger retail stores, they are often under more pressure to make the sale just to stay solvent. Be aware of this when you buy from them.

k now we are going to take a look about computer components that we want to buy I discuses each of them individually and in here I just add a list for your convenience.
  1. Case
  2. Motherboard
  3. Processor
  4. Memory
  5. Video System
  6. Removable Storage
  7. Hard Drive
  8. Sound Card
  10. Keyboard & Mouse
  11. Drive cables
  12. Audio Cable
  13. Screws
  14. System Disk
  15. Power Supplies


computer repair said...

When I have to buy computer parts, I usually go to a good local Computer Hardware dealer and he gives the compatible part for my computer and the prices of this shop is really good.

danny said...

when i want to buy computer parts i usually inquire prices to different shops by calling or visiting the store

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