Tuesday, June 10, 2008

CryptLoad Rapidshare Downloader UNLIMITED RapidShare Downloading way

CryptLoad is a Download Manager that can download files from 1-click file hosting sites, including RS, RapidShare.de, RapidSafe.de, MegaUpload, NetLoad.in. and etc..
CryptLoad UNLIMITED RapidShare Downloading way
In rapidshare case it is able to download the first file automatically without you entering the CAPTCHA code and after it finished, it will try to download the second file. Once it detects “You have reached the download-limit for free-users” message from RapidShare, it’ll disconnect and reconnect your Internet to get a new IP address. Then it’ll continue downloading the second file. All this is done automatically and you only need to add the RapidShare links to Cryptload. How cool eh?

But before it use you need to configure some settings of it :

If you use router , Then click on the Router button to configure your router settings. If you are using a modem then select the Modem button.

Here are the settings you must configure in CryptLoad.
  • IP Address: The IP Address of your router. Go to "run" type "ipconfig" and the Default Gateway is your router’s IP address.
  • Username and Password: The username and password used to login to your router. Please check your router’s manual for default login data.
  • Wait time after reconnect: The time that CrypLoad wait to download the next RapidShare file after Cryptload tries to reconnect to the Internet.Try 15 seconds first and if your Internet doesn’t gets connected before 15 seconds, increase it to 30 seconds or so on

Now you're ready to use cryptload:
  • first Copy all RapidShare links to .txt file that you want to download from rapidshare.
  • Run Cryptload and
  • Seletc all links in your text file and copy them using "CTRL+C".
  • The Link collector will appear and it will automatically decrypt the links.
  • Press "Add" button and "OK"at Package settings.

Note: CryptLoad works great during the "RS Happy Hours" for all users,presently, it can’t beat the new RS "Cat & Dog" captcha system but you are feel free to try....
This software needs .NET FrameWork 2 or higher you can download it from Microsoft web site
CryptLoad is best for users who have a Dynamic IP connection.
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