Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Fastest and Famous BitTorrent Trackers in the World

Speed of torrents trackers is very effective to your download speed. By this article I'm going to give you some important sources of torrents sites.
fastest and best torrent sites

The world famous and Fastest Torrent Trackers

1. - the most popular torrent search site today. Pirate Bay also has a very large database of torrents, the single largest database available on the web for torrents

2. - Any torrent listed as "ISOhunt release" means that it is a file verified by the administrators.nice feature to help you to get authentic torrents

3. - You have to register with this torrent site.

4. - Another speedest torrent site and has good number of seeds for their torrents.

5. - This also have good and live torrents.

6. - This has blocked access from US visitors, due to the US's hostility towards P2P technologies, So there is neap trackers for torrents but still has good speed for downloads.

7. Mininova is the successor to Suprnova, one of the original big torrent databases of the Web

Torrents search engines also more popular nowadays. We can use torrent search engines to search very large torrent sites data bases without going to each sites one by one.

1. - It searches nearly 200 torrents from one mouse click.

2. - meta-search engine Torrenscan is a search engine that searches other torrent search engines

3. - This site searches through all the top torrentz sites and displays the results on one page.

4. - A torrent search engine, it has web interface looks quite similar to Google, it is able to search up to 200+ torrent websites.... You can add Toorgle to Firefox search bar. Directly search for torrents by typing the keywords on the search bar very interesting.


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