Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Free SPAM Filtering Solutions

Spam is a affliction to daily internet users.It spam affects all of us and make big annoying.
spam stopspam tutorial

There are many software progarmmes to avoid this spam but those are very costly.So I'm going to show you by this tutorial how to avoid spam s without spent penny.K let's begin with our tutorial.

Step01: Never give your personal email address.
DO NOT use your personal email address for sign up forms, competitions, surveys or any other site that are not value to give your mail,if not that may result in you being spammed. Never give your personal, business email address, than it is to cure the problem of junk email lists.

Step02: Use a free email account
Go and sign up with for any free mail account.Ex: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and use that account as a spam holder account. you can use it to sign up with forms and with other suspect sites. I use this way and I make another mail account for spammers. :) Surly this will save your time and avoid many spammers from your business and other important matters

Step03: Use a disposable email address
You can use disposable email address for keep many spammers away from you. This is a good idea. I always use this when I'm at a suspect site.
"www.mailinator.com" - this site won't even sign up it's easy to use ( My favorite )
"www.despammed.com" - This site expect registration once you register with it ,it work fine.

Step04: Newsgroups and forums
Newsgroups and forums, Many spammers love those sites. They collect people personal email addresses from those places. Spammers hunting email addresses from those sites every second using their harvester programs. If you have to post
your email address then use the following format:

Format: Username AT domain.com instead of Username@domain.com .Spammer's progarmmes can't identify this format.So you'll be safe

Step05: Use a free spam filter.
Even when you follow all the steps I told you above you can still mess-up with spam mails. Then I recommand you to use free spam filter program like Mailwasher. It's excellent and you won't cost you a penny for it.

In above I showed you 5 simple steps to prevent from spammers without spent any money. I'm sure these methods will keep spammers away from you.


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