Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Generate MILLIONS of Web Traffic by Writing Articles

As a website owner you're willing to get more website traffic.So why don't you get more traffic even after you're do everything you have to do?
how to generate web traffic

The fact you can drive thousands of visitors to your website without spending any money on advertising. Publishing articles is proven method to get more traffic to your website.

But, as My experience as my experience many web masters actually fail with this because they consistently make more critical mistakes when they writing their articles. This guide will show you how to avoid them and make good articles to drive million of people one night.
  • You should definiens Your Target Audience
Many web authors doesn't clearly defining a niche audience before writing their article. Successful article authors always know the and they target exact "niche" audience they want to reach before they write their articles.

The rule of targeting audience is Narrow and Deep! When targeting your audience, remember Always pick an audience with a specific, pressing, or major interest in a narrow topic this can be any topic related to your site.
  • You shouldn't Spamming Ezine Editors
Instead of tightly targeting appropriate ezines that cater specifically to their audience, many web authors try to hit "everyone." Many of them use spam techniques for submitting their articles. By doing this they actually waste their time that they spent to writing their article because most ezine editors will just delete their submissions as spam
  • You shouldn't post Milktoast Topics
Your article should grab target audience eyeballs and pull them into your article - if not you're lose.Article authors should spend at least half for writing the headline for articles they write.
Having a great headline at the beginning average article also can get superior results so having good head line is very important.
  • Write articles to your target audience.
Every time you're writing articles you should think about your target audience because you want to grab their attention for your specific topic.
Don't write about what you want to write about, only write on topics of high interest to your target audience.

Give to your audience exactly what they need and they will love to read your articles. Nobody cares how much of an expert you rate on a particular topic until they know you can deliver information they need in a way they can use.
  • spell-checking! is important
Seriously, if you want to undermine all the good you can do with a great article, send it out without proper spell-checking!

When you understand the promotion power of free articles to generate traffic , you'll never look at other website traffic generation ways.

Don't do mistakes I showed you above and try to write free articles in EZine you'll generate more traffic form one day.


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