Saturday, June 28, 2008

Google Search Engine - Power of Search

Google is clearly the best general-purpose search engine on the Web and Google goes far beyond a regular search engine. It has improved by many sophisticated features in search for afford best advantages to users of Google.You'll be amazed at how many different ways Google gives you to improve your Internet searching.
Search Engine power Most people don't use Google to it's best advantage.Most of them just plug in a keyword or two and hope they got best? Using keyword is only quickest way for search but it isn't give best for the searchers.From more than 8 billion pages index in Google's , it's hard to get best result only using one or two keywords. Because of this case Google introduce Special Syntax for search.

As well as Google introduce new "Google services" feature, that help most of peoples to make comfortable there life's on internet.Google has a number of services that can help you accomplish your various tasks, you may never have thought to use Google for.

By this article I'm going to reveal about Google services, that most important to internet surfers.

Google - 13 Power Web Search Ways using Google:

Web Search: Open Google Web Search
Search over eight billions of web pages

Web Search Features: Open Web Search Features
This contain with five main categories Everyday Essentials, Reference Tools, Choosing Keywords, Local Search, Trip Planning, Query Refinements and Search by Number

Blog Search: Open Blog Search
Search blogs on your favorite topics.This is very handy and useful tool to me

Book Search: Open Book Search
You can search the full text of books, very essential for educators

Images Search: Open Images Search
Search for images on the web

Video Search: Open Google Video Search
Search for videos on Google Video and YouTube

News Search- Open News Search
Search thousands of news stories from Google

Patent Search: Open Patent Search
Search the full text of US Patents

Product Search: Open Product Search
Search for stuff to buy

Scholar Search: Open Scholar Search
Search scholarly papers

Special Searches: Open Special Searches
Search within specific topics

Maps Search: Open Maps Search
View The world using Search Map feature

Finance Search: Open Finance Search
Search Business info, news, and interactive charts


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