Sunday, June 1, 2008

How To Fix Windows XP Corrupted Files

I made this tutorial because I saw many people are going to reinstall their os when they getting error on exiting one.
Fix Windows XP Corrupted Files
As we know by installing OS regularly we lost many of our important data and it's very time consuming.So how do we fix our corrupted data without installing our operating system. I found this method accidentally but this is a nice way to achieve our target. So I decided to post this in here for peoples who worry about their computer corrupted Files.

To continue with this tutorial to fix your system you need to have a Windows XP cd.If you have your exiting operating system installed CD I recommend to use it.

K lets begin with our tutorial,
First Put your XP CD into the CD-Rom drive
Then go to Start
and type ’sfc /scannow’( It should be sfc /scannow without the ' ' )

This should fix your corrupted files in XP.It should load all files from cd to your windows folder. Actually this procedure does is a simple copy paste of the original file from cd to its respective location in your system.

Their is other way to fix this corrupted files in your system using your windows xp cd. It little bit alternate from our first method.

First Boot your computer using windows XP cd
Then ignore the first repair option you get "by pressing R"
Then move further as you do to install xp again.
When it shows you that Windows XP is already installed,
Then select it & there you will have repair option. So just repair it, this won’t affect any of your installed softwares so you don't need to worry about your installations.

You are done!

NOTE: You may lose the updated files that is done from windows update by going through this process, so you may have to update again to get those files.


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