Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to Increase Download Speed of µTorrent

Normally torrents are very slow but from torrents clients we can happy about Utorrent because it is speed up our downloads than others.Also it is very small programme so we can use it easily without any junks. Also there is another reason for use Utorrent We can hack it to optimize our download speed !
Increase download speed µTorrentIn past I don't like torrents because I have 512kbps connection and that time it gives me only 10kbps download speed so I got very disappointed about torrents. One day accidentally I encounter Utorrent since that I'm a torrent freak. Now I'm going to give you a very comprehensive tutorial about how to speed up torrents using my real experience.

By this tutorial I'll show you how to configure your µTorrent for maximum speed.Also you may want to configure your firewall and router ( only if you have) for speed up torrents.because both of that factors are very effective on torrents download speed.

Before begin this tutorial you need to download utorrent newest version because new version is optimized for speed by µTorrent team than it's old versions.
Download µTorrent 1.8 Beta Build 10431 (261 kB)

Now we are going to configure our µTorrent client.
open your µTorrent software ..
  • Move to Options>Speed Guide
In speed guide click Run speed test button for check your connection speed and set the most appropriate value for it.
Then click on Test if port is forwarded properly and if your port hasn't any trouble You'll get a message like - OK! Port XXXX is open and accepting connections.
our first part is done!
  • Then go to Options>Preferences>General
Append .!ut to incomplete files: UNCHECKED
Prevent stadby if there are active torrents: CHECKED
Pre-allocate all files: CHECKED
  • In Options>Preferences>Connection
Under "Port used for incomming connections", you do not need to enter a port manually, normally it sets for the port that we checked in our first step.

Randomize port each time utorrent starts: UNCHECKED. I leave this unchecked because I have a good firewall, if you want extra security,check this option.

Enable UPnP port mapping (Windows Xp or later only): UNCHECKED. leave this as unchecked because it slowing down speeds.

Protocol Encryption: ENABLED. I would recommend everyone to enable this.( * if this options is available in your torrent client this should be checked because this will help to increase you download speed with many ISPs.But with new µTorrent 1.8 Beta haven't this options so you don't want to worry for it.I mention this here for users still who use old utorrent versions)
  • Options>Preferences>Bandwidth
Under the number of connections:
Global Maximum Number of Connections: 130 .This number should not be set too low or the number of connections made to your torrents will be limited. Setting it too high may cause too much bandwidth to be used and can cause slowdowns.

Maximum Number of connected peers per torrent: 70 If you see that the peers connected to a specific torrent are exactly this number, or very close, increase this number to improve speeds.

Number of upload slots per torrent: 3 This depends on how much you want to upload to other users. Do not set too low or it may affect download speeds.

Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%:>
  • Go to Options>Preferences>BitTorrent
Enable DHT Network: CHECKED ( This is recommended to be checked to improve speeds. More people will be available for sharing if this is checked. )Enable DHT for new torrents: CHECKED
Enable Peer Exchange: CHECKED
Enable tracker for scrape information: CHECKED
Limit local peer bandwidth : UNCHECKED
  • Then under Options>Preferences>Queuing
Maximum number of active torrents: 2
Maximum number of active downloads: 1

Then we're moving to best part of this tutorial, We are going to patch our windows tcpip.sys file.

If you use Windows XP SP2, patch tcpip.sys with Event ID 4226 Patcher to get better performance.( DO NOT CHANGE THIS OPTION unless you have Windows XP SP2 and have patched tcpip.sys. )
  • Now Go to Options>Preferences>Advanced in your utorrent software
find - net.max_halfopen: and set its valut to 50
After you did this it'll should like this: net.max_halfopen: *50 ( * will indicate that it got change )

Note: there are a lot of daily occurrences it’s likely that the max amount of half-open tcp connections was set back to 10. Or you’re infected with some nasty spyware also
“windows updates” revert your tweaked tcp connections back to 10. So it’s wise to check this every now and then.


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