Sunday, June 29, 2008

Make old Firefox Extensions Compatible with Firefox 3 newest release

There's three methods to Make Firefox Old extensions compatible with Firefox 3 letest release.In past I use Firefox 2.xx and with it I used many useful extensions like autocopy,
Rapidshare happy hours checking and etc... When I moved to Firefox new release I faced
this matter, Extensions don't want to compatible with new release. So I found three ways to make extensions compatible with Firefox 3
Make old Firefox Extensions Compatible Firefox 3

The first way is - nightly tester tools extension:
This extension was made for purpose of control other extensions and manage then easily.
Using the nightly tester tools extension, we can make all of our extensions compatible with the Firefox 3.
  • First install the plug in from here: Nightly Tester Tools
  • Then go to "tools" >> "add ons" and
  • click on the “make all compatible" button at the bottom of the add ons window.

The second way is - MR Tech's toolkit extension:
This extension is the one of I most preferred extension and I recommend to install it.
First install it from here. : MR Tech's toolkit
  • Then Go to "Tools" >> MR Tech's ToolkIt Settings and click on it
  • In the extension window click on "Miscellaneous" tab
  • And Uncheck the box of "Enable Addons compatibility checking" option

The Third way is Edit configuration file of firefox.
  • Open your browser window and in address bar type "about:config"
  • Right click the list and create a boolean extensions."checkCompatibility" option there. Set its value to "false" and restart the browser.
Most of your extensions should work with you now.I'm using Mr Tech's toolkit and it work great for me.


Mozilla Add-ons Best Archive said...

the link is broken, >>

so u can change it!?


TN - houkwing said...

Ya sure I'm sorry about that.But I wanna Say something, i used this both and I suggest you to use MR Tech's toolkit It is perform well with this case

services that write papers said...

akready check it - it's really works, guys!! I mean it, all problems were solved a one time!

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