Tuesday, June 10, 2008

RapGet Rapidshare Downloader download files from Rapidshare

RapGet is another Download Manager that supports to download files from 1-click hosting sites
RapGet Rapidshare Downloader
RapGet allow to download files from 67 servers nowadays it'll be higher in future.Also I wanna say it is freeware so we do not need to buy it.

As a RapGet publisher blurb:

"RapGet is a downloader with code recognition for such share servers as Rapidshare.com, Rp.de, megaupload.com, slil.ru and etc.... It has support for 67 free share services, multilingual support and is free"

I wanna say it doesn’t allow you to ‘hack’ RapidShare’s wait times or Captcha.It offer to users a great way of knowing when the next file will be ready for DL, and it automates the downloading process.

Another advantages of using it:
  • You can do parallel (simultaneous) downloading Pasting multiple links to it and making Scheduler
  • It also Support for Proxies
  • If you're a Premium user then it make easy to download your files
  • It also integrate with your Browser

If you're a free user then use this software in Rapidshare happy hours , you can get more advantages from this by using it in happy hours.
If you wanna know happy hours secret Read it from here.
If you use this in non happy hours then you should enter the captcha for downloads.

To make simultaneous downloads, you’ll need to change the "Max" downloads for each host For that Go to Settings > Servers. By default, it set to get only one file from servers.
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