Monday, June 9, 2008

RapidShare Happy Hours Check Method

Do you know about Rapidshare happy hours, Definitely you should know it because we all are rapid lovers Including me
RapidShare Happy Hours status Check

When rapidshare happy hours active we don't need to enter security code or waiting for time delay.Happy Hours are periods of time whereby all downloads are free of CAPTCHA and delayed-downloading. But don't get seriously rapid share happy hours also have restrict about downloadings. You can't get speed like premium user and also After completing a one download, you’ll evidently still have to wait an undetermined amount of time to download your next file.You’ll not be able to select a particular server and this is negatively affect to the download speeds.

Here’s the blurb from RapidShare As their words:

( "As every free user should have noticed, we are experimenting once again with the CAPTCHA system. The reason is that RapidShare is popular enough for people to create tools to download from RapidShare as a free user as if they were a premium user. This has a negative impact for our paying premium users, since they expect a fast download. On the other hand we are also experimenting with happy hours again. When our servers have enough spare bandwidth, we will make it easier for free users to download from RapidShare, knowing that this also makes it possible again to automatically download files with those tools. Right now the RapidShare Happy Hours will disable the download tickets and the captchas completely." )

So how do we know Is rapdishare happy hours active or not. This is the main problem I had but not now :) That's what I'm going to show you by this tutorial. Are you a firefox familiar then you should know the power of addons, this tutorial base on the extension called "HappyChecker"

Here's is the way how to find Rapidshare Happy hours states without going to the Rapidshare site:

First you need to Install the Addon called HappyChecker
HappyChecker Install to Browser

( many peoples complaint me that this only downland and isn't install So I'm editing this because of peoples how don't know about extensions..
First download the extension and then Go to your Mozilla Firefox installed folder In it locket the Folder called EXTENSIONS and past the file you downloaded from here and restart your browser
In my case it's in "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions" )

Then restart your Browser and you will see the new icon right hand side bottom colored by red or yellow.If if yellow it means you're lucky rapidsahre happy hours are active , If it red that means you want to wait until happy hours are active.


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