Friday, June 13, 2008

How to Speed Up FireFox Start Up Time - FireFox Preloader

Firefox is the best browser nowadays.But some of internet users complain is take too much time to start up at first time.As well slow down the system
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That is true, in my first time that I used Firefox I met this problem and I solve it easily. Many peoples still don't know we can do anything that we want using Firefox.Hiding Ip, Changing the browser Agent and lot. Even I use this browser with my SEO activities. I know this is the best browser in planet.

When the browser start up is REALLY slow, many users are sorely tempted to defect to Opera , Safari and etc.. But they don't know they don’t need to wail and despair any more.

There is an interesting program called Firefox Preloader which was small programme. It claims to be able to “improve Firefox’s start-up time”

Firefox Preloader pre-loads various parts of your Firefox browser into the memory. So it is able to open much faster than normal. In fact when I clicked on the Fox logo to start the browser it just open like a rocket and when I click to open tabs it is very fast ,You don't want to worry about your browser anymore.

Firefox is getting 5-10 seconds for start-up time because of extensions you had install to your browser. It often takes to start-up your first browser window, depending on how many extensions you have. Internet Explorer is integrated into Windows, and thus takes 1-2 seconds to start. So how do you combat this? There are a couple different techniques, such as compressing and decompressing your installation folder files, but the simplest is using a preloader.

Firefox Preloader is an open source application that will load parts of Firefox into your RAM at system start-up, So it will load quickly when you click on Firefox icon.
Download Preloader

When I use this I face one problem ,I'm using two versions of Firefox browsers and this software identify only newest version so I had to use
-p Profilename -no-remote
extension to both Firefox versions and then it solved.If you don't know what am I talked by above sentence please look at How to use two Firefox versions in same computer


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