Saturday, June 21, 2008

Configure Router and Firewall For Torrents

Your Router and Firewall setting are very effective on the download speed of torrents.By this tutorial I'm going to show you how to configure both router and firewall for maximum speed of torrents downloads.
torrents - configure router and firewall
If you have a firewall or anti virus software that integrated with firewall or completely separate firewall software it doesn't matter which one you have, but it should allow to ĀµTorrent For connect to the internet. our first step is check firewall software for allowed programmes and if ĀµTorrent blocked then set it to allow.

Open your firewall programme options> preferences> settings for the firewall - normally firewall softwares have have an icon to click in the taskbar

Look for the keywords “allow list” or “programs”
Add the application you want to give access to the internet or if it already in there check its status and if it isn't allowed then do allow it.
Save your settings and exit.

If you have a router:
  • Go to start> run> type "cmd"and press enter>type "ipconfig" press enter
  • Copy both your ip address and your default gateway from there.
  • Type in your default gateway into your default browser, a password prompt may come up. The default user name and password are admin for my router ( if you don't know router user and pass you need to contact your client )
  • Under ‘Applications’ fill out one line for each p2p client you use
  • You need to use your ip address, the correct port range and set either tcp or udp
  • You can find and change the ports in the actual p2p client’s settings, just make sure they are the same in the router
  • Most p2p apps need both tcp and udp checked, if you are not sure check your p2p client’s FAQ
  • Save your settings


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