Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What is SPAM and Why Spammers Do Spam ??

SPAM is can be the harsh word you ever ask and It's annoying to everyone. What is spam ?

So why Spammers would want to send spam to out email accout?

Everyday miliones of people get emails about buying some sort of things, prices, free stuffs and ect..
You might ignore those emails But not many people does. And that's why spammers sent those mails. As everyone know Emails cost is 0.00 to send.May be so little if they use payment searvice. But many spammers use free email sending services for sending spams to you,So it doesn't cost them completly. So sending out a million of them could be a cakewalk and use a software for that it become nothing. Let's assume one out of every 1,000 emails falls for their ploy. Someone just got 1,000 new customers.

How did those spammers get your address in the first place? Actually they use a variety of techniques. They use programs called spambots to search the web for emails and pick up them that could be listed on websites.

Also They use technique that called the Dictionary Method. They make email adderesses with well-known email extension, For example They use extention and make up all kinds of possible user names to go with it. For the instance they take any UserName and Make email address like them UserName1 , UserName2 and so on, until they can confirm one of those connected to an yahoo extension is a valid email address. They collect usernames form sites for this case and then they can assure more emails are correct and deliver to the user that can be important to them.

Ever fill out a registration form on a website and find a little checkbox, probably near the bottom, that asking you if you want to receive additional information, newsletters, or something of related to that site? Often the box is checked, and in order NOT to receive the info, you have to UNCHECK it.
I saw this in MSN registration form too. They check it in their registrtion form,So you have to unchek it if you not prefer to recive those mails. In many times you should miss that types of boxes on the wrong kinds of sites, then your email addresses may be handed to spammers.

Many internet service providers (ISP) use a variety of methods to block spam before it ever gets to you. But if you use free source email accounts you have to be careful when you download emails to your computer


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