Monday, July 28, 2008

Recover Expired License of Adobe PhotoShop

Did you ever had experience about product license expired of ADOBE PHOTOSHOP? If so you must know how you feel by seen this message. Don’t you still face this? If so you may lucky but it can happen in near future. This is happening not only from expiring your product key, it can happen by deleting your important files or by errors that make when you install your Photoshop software.
Recover Photoshop License ExpiredYou may think this can be fixing by just uninstall your Photoshop software and reinstalling. If you faced this matter and tried to fix it by uninstalling you may know that is absolutely illusion.

Ok how do we fix this, it is so easy than you expected from beginning of this tutorial.
Let’s begin with our tutorial most important part,

If you want to locate a file name called “cache.db” Normally it’s situated in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache\cache.db”

Your first task is find this file and deletes it from your computer.

Now run Photoshop again and you can see its registration window is back. Click Accept to continue, and then enter your serial that used to work. When you approach to this task you can notice there is another cache.db file has created automatically by software.

In Photoshop window click Never Register option

Locate the new cache.db file and make it as ‘Read only” by right clicking on it and Go to properties and then check Read only

Now your software should be working.
(I forgot to tell you one thing, by deleting that Cache.db file you will want to enter the serial keys again for all adobe products in your computer.)

If you use cracked or free serial key then never let your software to access internet. This usually happen for users who use invalided license keys normally called as cracks.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Speed up Firefox Browser using Tweak Network - Overclock Your Browser

Are you still worrying about your Firefox speed? Even after do those hacking that I show you from my prior post? OK I found another great way to speed up Firefox surfing time actually this is not any file editing method as I gave you before. It just one click optimization. You may wonder after reading this tutorial through end by understanding how easy this is. I'm sure now you have a doubt, what is this method? Ok it's another extension.
Speed up firefoxInstall Tweak Network
This extension should increase your speed because this was prettily affected to my browser too.

Tweak Network settings extension will change your values of Max connection, Max connection per server, Max persistent connection per server and Max persistent connection per proxy of better connection speed. Also it adjust Piplining settings too.

Why did I call this as one click optimization? Because this nice little extension interfaces consist with two main buttons. As you seen on above image those are named with Default and Power , If you want to speed up your connection then you want to click on power button and apply your changes by pressing Apply >> OK

So why default button exist there? Because if you want to change your settings to normal settings you've to do is only click this button and Apply your settings.

Check effeteness of this extension:

Do you like to measure how this extension improves your Brower speed? You can do it by comparing the loading time of same source before Appling this and after applied.
  • First you need to install extension called Extended Statusbar
  • Restart your Firefox browser and now you can see new statusbar in your browser window
  • Now click [Loading time tester ] to measure your browser speed before Appling the Tweak Network
  • Write down the loading time in somewhere.
  • Apply Tweak Network power settings and restart browser then Go to you browser "Tools" >> and "clear private data", after your cleared Click [Loading time tester ] again for check loading time for performance
As you see your browser speed should be improve now , If you use this extension with my prior post hackings for Overclock your Browser. It’ll affect more with your speed rather just use this alone.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

File Conversion Tool Online - Convert Files to Many File Types Free

Yesterday I was searching for a free file converter software for convert my music files to mp3 format. I found many converter softwares but those are not get interest of me. So I broaded my search and going through web sites to find out a music file conversion software for my business. I found a great online tool for convert my files to mp3 format, even that converter support for many file types not only for Audio to mp3.
file conversion tool Actually I did unfair to it by calling as MP3 converter. It support for hundred of file types not only Media, you can convert text files to office format and even it is support for Archives ,image and mobile phone files types converting. A great online tool, we can use it to convert many file types to other type without spending a penny. It is Simply, fast and it is using the best manner of convert audio, video, presentation, document, spreadsheet and etc.

What are the advantages of this online converter:
  • It support for convert Audio, Images ,Video, Archives and etc....
  • Free online file conversion so we don't need to spend money for softwares
  • We don't need to download or install any software and buy them.
  • You can access it from everywhere in the world through Internet.
  • No viruses and spyware, ( many peoples are using cracks for softwares but some crackers use this weak point to getting access of others pc's by sending viruses through cracks)
file converter mp3
What are the disadvantages of this;
  • You have to have good internet connection, still if you are using normal dialup connection it's hard to use this tool because this process mainly divided in to three parts. First one is uploading second one is converting and final is downloading. So normal dialup connections can take too much time for converting also full process.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Norton Internet Security 2008

The Norton Internet Security 2008 (NIS) version includes several newer improved modules and a revamp of the program’s design.NIS probably has a bigger following than just about any other security program but that dominance is a double edged sword: any virus or piece of spyware worth its salt will expect Norton to be there and will aim to switch it off before infecting the computer.
Norton Internet Security 2008 Making Norton secure must be a headache for Symantec but the company has achieved it with the latest version–it appeared solid in our tests. Newer improved modules include Data Safe,which puts personal data into a secure area on the computer so it can be used when logging into sites or paying for goods online

There’s also an improved help section, including an automatic fix feature.There is improved intelligence in the virus killer and the program should be able to spot and destroy new threats by the way they act,before the company has developed a specific antidote. It also detects and destroys spyware.

As well as being the best-known security product,Norton has typically scored as one of the most resource hungry.We saw much less of a slowdown NIS 2008.A quick scan of at risk files took in more than 3,000of them and finished in50seconds on our test PC.

The package includes a firewall but Norton Anti bot,which works to spot internet bots that might take over your PC, is a £15 optional extra,as are the spam filter and parental control modules. Although it misses those elements,NIS 2008 comes with a three computer three computer license,so it’s good for those with home networks.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stormworm Launched Another threat on the net !

Another threat is waiting for you.The criminals behind the Stormworm have launched a new campaign to hijack PCs. StormWorm has begun to attacking Bloggers , littering hundreds of pages with juvenile messages designed to fool web visitors into clicking on malware laden links.
The emails disguised as greeting cards contain subject lines such as ‘Your E card joke is waiting or something like that. That message contains a link to a web page advertising an online ‘greeting card’ supposedly sent to the user.

By clicking either the image or the link, the user downloads a program that installs Storm. Infected machines can then be remotely controlled to send out spam and launch phishing attacks.

Threat stop has made its private list of blocked Storm websites available to the general public, allowing users to use it with firewall software to block traffic from known Storm distributors.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Notebook PC - MEDION MD96625 Notebook Computer with a 17in screen

It’s a measure of how competitive the computer industry is these days that £500 can be considered relatively expensive for a notebook PC.While it’s true there are plenty of notebooks available for much more than that,they tend to be aimed at gamers,people who require lots of power for video editing or other specialist applications.
Notebook-Computer For the rest of us who want to surf the internet,deal with emails and do a little word processing, it’s possible to pick up a computer that’s perfectly able to do all that for less than £300. In fact,the Asus EeePC represents a whole new price floor, at £220 for a notebook that, while small,does everything many people want.

So why is it worth paying £500 for the MedionMD96625 notebook computer?

Let’s take a look at what you get for your money.The heart of the computer (and its brain) is the Intel Core 2Duo T5450 processor,which runs at 1.66GHz.That’s followed up with 2GBofmemoryand a 160GB hard disk for file storage.The processor isn’t particularly fast by modern standards,but it’s more than enough for most users,and the 2GB of memory is good–it’ll certainly be put to use by the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system that’s installed on the computer.

Graphics are supplied by the Nvidia Geforce 8600MGS graphics card,an add-on that takes the image-processing work away from the main processor, freeing it up for other tasks.The card also contains 512MBof its own memory,again freeing the main memory for other things. Like the2GBof main memory,the graphics card is a distinguishing feature between this and a£300notebook.

A reasonable number of connections are provided–there are four USB ports, headphone, microphone and optical sound connection, a memory card reader and two display sockets.There’s a DVI port for monitors and a second socket for connecting to a high-definition TV.There’s also a multiformat DVD writer,network port and an Express Card socket. There isn’t a modem, however,or a Firewire socket for connecting a digital camcorder.For a computer that’s easily capable of dealing with video editing, this is an oversight. The other slight problem is the keyboard: while generally it’s fine, the space bar is mounted a little close to the case,so if you’re prone to resting your hands low on the case while typing you’ll often end up hitting the tips of your fingers.

The 17in screen looks good and although it adds to the width of the notebook (there’s enough room for a full numeric keypad) it doesn’t add much bulk.The 96625 is fairly easy to pick up and carry around, and although at 3.15kg it’s not light, neither is it too heavy to lift.There’s a 12-month warranty and it comes with Nero 7 Essentials software for disc creation.

FireFox Prevent Hackers - Firefox Browser Security

A NEW version of the Firefox web browser could help to end the recent spate of infections caused by visiting hacked websites. Firefox 3, the newest version of Firefox, will not open websites infected with malicious software.

Firefox security Firefox 3, works by using a list of known hacked sites. This list is generated by the Stop badware initiative led by Harvard Law and Oxford University and the list is updated every 30 minutes.

Mike Schroepfer, of Mozilla, the organization that develops Firefox, told Computer active this tool could stop the recent attacks that exploit faults in other software to gain access to a computer.

“Even if there’s a flawing your operating system, or applications such as Quick time, Java or Flash, the updated Firefox 3 will stop access to infected sites before you get attacked. It’s like putting a lock on your door”, he said. The technology was given a cautious welcome by David Emm, senior technology consultant at security firm Kaspersky Lab.He described it as “a positive move”.

However,Mr Emm warned that “a filter doesn’t offer a panacea for all ills. It depends on who is providing the filtering and how good they are at it”.He also said that as Firefox becomes more popular, attacks against it could increase.

Meanwhile Microsoft is also looking at the problem of protecting people against infected websites. Internet Explorer 8 is also available as a pre-release test version.New features including a safety filter that, according to the company, blocks access to “confirmed phishing or deceptive sites”.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Buy a Cheap Domain Name

On the web there are few domain registration companies offer cheap domain name registration facility for webmasters. Buy this article I'm going to give you about few sites that are offer cheap domain name registration service. But using these sites for cheap domain registration you may want to buy hosting solution from them also.

domain names Note: You should read their privacy and polices and agreement before proceed to payments.
Sites are discussed by me in this article that they really , considered to be the best and trusted sites as offer cheap domain Registration service. But as I said before you should read their agreement and you determine weather you'll buy a domain from them or not.
123-reg provides premium cheap domain registration and web hosting world service wide. They've been registering domain names since the year 2000, They have a good career record with as a award wining domain registration and hosting company.UK Web Host Directory awards,PC Pro Reliability & Service awards, Web User magazine awards and etc... is one of the best site for cheap domain name registration.With this site, you will definitely find an affordable domain name registration along with a private and secure domain registration services.
By getting domain name from them, you'll have the absolute control over your domain name and all of then registered domain names are registered in your name. The service is just considered as a cheap domain name registration, the process of their fast, simple, and secure , same like other popular domain registrars.
As the obviously implies by their name, this site offer a cheap domain name registration from many years. This is a great opportunity for you to get a cheap domain name registration with the price of only $4.99 per domain.
They also offer free 24 hour support, free domain forwarding, free domain locking, free status alert, and free total Domain Name System control and many services for their clients.

Check Availability of Any Domain Name

Since the introduction of www (world wide web ) , large companies were offer many related services for domain names and web hosting.The first thing you want to complete for having domain name is the domain name you are looking to buy should be available. Today so many companies that let the people to check availability of domain names, the number of people who are looking for available domain names greatly increases these days.

domain name checkThere are many web sites give the ability of finding information about available domain names to there clients.Instead of just getting domain name for your business, you can do some searches for available domain names that more suit to your business.

By this article I'm going to give you the sites on the web that let web users to check the available domain names. By going through this article, you will find those sites on the web where you can check the available domain names. which is one of the best sites on the web that will really help you in finding the domain name that you desired and it gives you the status of it. We can check the domain name we desired is available or not. Also through this site, you have the chance to domain search, look up, check, select, reserve, purchase, register, transfer, renew, protect, and so on. As well this site give the information about domains that are available to sell by web masters.

Only thing you need to do with this site is just type your expected domain name above space of it's page, along with your appropriate domain name extension. It is no matter where are you come from, With this site you can check the available domain names for almost every country in the world from any location in the globe.
  • Don't you know What domain extension you need? Here is the best solutions for you Open Active-Domain:
This is one of the best sites on the web where you can find available domain name.
Also we don't need to put any desired extension with this case.It automatically check your prefered domain name along with five domain extensions. ( com, net, info, biz, org )
So you don't need to manually check the domain extensions that are available with your expected domain name. As a additional option it will suggest you to very same available domain names to your search.
This site will search available domain name from just a seconds. Also it searches up to 12 domain extensions automatically. ( com, net, org, biz, us, cc, tv, info, mobi,,, )
This site is great source for getting information about available domain names on net. It is for the fact that they have a search engine for you to find the available domain names on the different parts of the world.
It is just important to know that when your desired domain name is already taken, you will receive a note coming from them stating that the domain name is taken, and domain name indicate by red color cross.But if the domain name is still available, then it indicate by green color cross

What's a domain name and Why is it Stand

What is a domain name? As webmaster Glossary defines it "domain name" is the series of alpha-numeric characters used to identify a website on the internet instead of using and IP address.

What is a domain name If you are an average internet user, then you must be pretty familiar with the term of ‘domain name’. As a novice terms it is a unique name given to address a particular website each time you visit it on the internet. However, technically speaking, a domain name means much more than that. Domain name of a website refers to the text name that corresponds to its numeric IP address of a computer in the internet.

That means every time you surf some of source in internet you are logging into another computer using some special ports, that stand for communication purpose.

The domain name of a website possesses some kind of characteristics that differentiate it from other domain names.

As a matter of fact, you could come across domain names that are pretty similar to each other but not exactly alike. Usually, similar sounding domains names may have extra characters such as underscores (_), hyphens (-) in them to distinguish them from each other. Similarly, domain names could also be different from each other in terms of their extensions such as
.com, .net, .org, .gov and so forth.

The internet users around the world can access to a particular website only by using its domain name which is unique.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OverClock DSL/ Cable Connection for High Speed Internet Access

Yesterday I found very simply and effective way to speed up DSL and cable internet connections speed via editing windows registry. This registry tweak work precisely for me. It double my internet access speed.
speed up dsl,cable internet connections But unfortunately this registry hack doesn't make good changes for Dial up connections. So if you're a Dial up connection user this may not work pretty for you. For that case I added undo option for this hack , if this isn't work then dial up users can turn back their registry settings for default settings by using the undo code that I given below.
  • First copy the following code into to Notepad,

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Tcpip\Parameters]
  • Then save it with then ".reg" extension, Ex: "speedup.reg"
  • Now all you have to do to is double-click on that file
  • When the dialog appear, "Are you sure you want to add the information in C:\path to file\*.reg to the registry? " click on yes to add information to your registry.
If you want to undo the changes that you made by above steps to your registry ,here is the code for that.
  • Copy this and proceed above steps for made changes to default.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Tcpip\Parameters]

This registry tweak work wonders with me and it increased my connection speed from double. You can measure your achievement by testing your speed before make changes to your registry and after do the changes:

Test internet access speed from here:
Test Speed

Registry edits may take effects after restarting your computer so please restart your computer before check achievement of changes and don't do anyother works during the testing process.