Tuesday, July 22, 2008

File Conversion Tool Online - Convert Files to Many File Types Free

Yesterday I was searching for a free file converter software for convert my music files to mp3 format. I found many converter softwares but those are not get interest of me. So I broaded my search and going through web sites to find out a music file conversion software for my business. I found a great online tool for convert my files to mp3 format, even that converter support for many file types not only for Audio to mp3.
file conversion tool Actually I did unfair to it by calling as MP3 converter. It support for hundred of file types not only Media, you can convert text files to office format and even it is support for Archives ,image and mobile phone files types converting. A great online tool, we can use it to convert many file types to other type without spending a penny. It is Simply, fast and it is using the best manner of convert audio, video, presentation, document, spreadsheet and etc.

What are the advantages of this online converter:
  • It support for convert Audio, Images ,Video, Archives and etc....
  • Free online file conversion so we don't need to spend money for softwares
  • We don't need to download or install any software and buy them.
  • You can access it from everywhere in the world through Internet.
  • No viruses and spyware, ( many peoples are using cracks for softwares but some crackers use this weak point to getting access of others pc's by sending viruses through cracks)
file converter mp3
What are the disadvantages of this;
  • You have to have good internet connection, still if you are using normal dialup connection it's hard to use this tool because this process mainly divided in to three parts. First one is uploading second one is converting and final is downloading. So normal dialup connections can take too much time for converting also full process.


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