Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FireFox Prevent Hackers - Firefox Browser Security

A NEW version of the Firefox web browser could help to end the recent spate of infections caused by visiting hacked websites. Firefox 3, the newest version of Firefox, will not open websites infected with malicious software.

Firefox security Firefox 3, works by using a list of known hacked sites. This list is generated by the Stop badware initiative led by Harvard Law and Oxford University and the list is updated every 30 minutes.

Mike Schroepfer, of Mozilla, the organization that develops Firefox, told Computer active this tool could stop the recent attacks that exploit faults in other software to gain access to a computer.

“Even if there’s a flawing your operating system, or applications such as Quick time, Java or Flash, the updated Firefox 3 will stop access to infected sites before you get attacked. It’s like putting a lock on your door”, he said. The technology was given a cautious welcome by David Emm, senior technology consultant at security firm Kaspersky Lab.He described it as “a positive move”.

However,Mr Emm warned that “a filter doesn’t offer a panacea for all ills. It depends on who is providing the filtering and how good they are at it”.He also said that as Firefox becomes more popular, attacks against it could increase.

Meanwhile Microsoft is also looking at the problem of protecting people against infected websites. Internet Explorer 8 is also available as a pre-release test version.New features including a safety filter that, according to the company, blocks access to “confirmed phishing or deceptive sites”.


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