Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Notebook PC - MEDION MD96625 Notebook Computer with a 17in screen

It’s a measure of how competitive the computer industry is these days that £500 can be considered relatively expensive for a notebook PC.While it’s true there are plenty of notebooks available for much more than that,they tend to be aimed at gamers,people who require lots of power for video editing or other specialist applications.
Notebook-Computer For the rest of us who want to surf the internet,deal with emails and do a little word processing, it’s possible to pick up a computer that’s perfectly able to do all that for less than £300. In fact,the Asus EeePC represents a whole new price floor, at £220 for a notebook that, while small,does everything many people want.

So why is it worth paying £500 for the MedionMD96625 notebook computer?

Let’s take a look at what you get for your money.The heart of the computer (and its brain) is the Intel Core 2Duo T5450 processor,which runs at 1.66GHz.That’s followed up with 2GBofmemoryand a 160GB hard disk for file storage.The processor isn’t particularly fast by modern standards,but it’s more than enough for most users,and the 2GB of memory is good–it’ll certainly be put to use by the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system that’s installed on the computer.

Graphics are supplied by the Nvidia Geforce 8600MGS graphics card,an add-on that takes the image-processing work away from the main processor, freeing it up for other tasks.The card also contains 512MBof its own memory,again freeing the main memory for other things. Like the2GBof main memory,the graphics card is a distinguishing feature between this and a£300notebook.

A reasonable number of connections are provided–there are four USB ports, headphone, microphone and optical sound connection, a memory card reader and two display sockets.There’s a DVI port for monitors and a second socket for connecting to a high-definition TV.There’s also a multiformat DVD writer,network port and an Express Card socket. There isn’t a modem, however,or a Firewire socket for connecting a digital camcorder.For a computer that’s easily capable of dealing with video editing, this is an oversight. The other slight problem is the keyboard: while generally it’s fine, the space bar is mounted a little close to the case,so if you’re prone to resting your hands low on the case while typing you’ll often end up hitting the tips of your fingers.

The 17in screen looks good and although it adds to the width of the notebook (there’s enough room for a full numeric keypad) it doesn’t add much bulk.The 96625 is fairly easy to pick up and carry around, and although at 3.15kg it’s not light, neither is it too heavy to lift.There’s a 12-month warranty and it comes with Nero 7 Essentials software for disc creation.


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