Monday, July 28, 2008

Recover Expired License of Adobe PhotoShop

Did you ever had experience about product license expired of ADOBE PHOTOSHOP? If so you must know how you feel by seen this message. Don’t you still face this? If so you may lucky but it can happen in near future. This is happening not only from expiring your product key, it can happen by deleting your important files or by errors that make when you install your Photoshop software.
Recover Photoshop License ExpiredYou may think this can be fixing by just uninstall your Photoshop software and reinstalling. If you faced this matter and tried to fix it by uninstalling you may know that is absolutely illusion.

Ok how do we fix this, it is so easy than you expected from beginning of this tutorial.
Let’s begin with our tutorial most important part,

If you want to locate a file name called “cache.db” Normally it’s situated in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache\cache.db”

Your first task is find this file and deletes it from your computer.

Now run Photoshop again and you can see its registration window is back. Click Accept to continue, and then enter your serial that used to work. When you approach to this task you can notice there is another cache.db file has created automatically by software.

In Photoshop window click Never Register option

Locate the new cache.db file and make it as ‘Read only” by right clicking on it and Go to properties and then check Read only

Now your software should be working.
(I forgot to tell you one thing, by deleting that Cache.db file you will want to enter the serial keys again for all adobe products in your computer.)

If you use cracked or free serial key then never let your software to access internet. This usually happen for users who use invalided license keys normally called as cracks.


Anonymous said...

i hade a similar problem with my adobe illustrator CS3.

and this solution worked perfectly for me: (it's in French, but you can translate it with google translator)

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