Saturday, July 26, 2008

Speed up Firefox Browser using Tweak Network - Overclock Your Browser

Are you still worrying about your Firefox speed? Even after do those hacking that I show you from my prior post? OK I found another great way to speed up Firefox surfing time actually this is not any file editing method as I gave you before. It just one click optimization. You may wonder after reading this tutorial through end by understanding how easy this is. I'm sure now you have a doubt, what is this method? Ok it's another extension.
Speed up firefoxInstall Tweak Network
This extension should increase your speed because this was prettily affected to my browser too.

Tweak Network settings extension will change your values of Max connection, Max connection per server, Max persistent connection per server and Max persistent connection per proxy of better connection speed. Also it adjust Piplining settings too.

Why did I call this as one click optimization? Because this nice little extension interfaces consist with two main buttons. As you seen on above image those are named with Default and Power , If you want to speed up your connection then you want to click on power button and apply your changes by pressing Apply >> OK

So why default button exist there? Because if you want to change your settings to normal settings you've to do is only click this button and Apply your settings.

Check effeteness of this extension:

Do you like to measure how this extension improves your Brower speed? You can do it by comparing the loading time of same source before Appling this and after applied.
  • First you need to install extension called Extended Statusbar
  • Restart your Firefox browser and now you can see new statusbar in your browser window
  • Now click [Loading time tester ] to measure your browser speed before Appling the Tweak Network
  • Write down the loading time in somewhere.
  • Apply Tweak Network power settings and restart browser then Go to you browser "Tools" >> and "clear private data", after your cleared Click [Loading time tester ] again for check loading time for performance
As you see your browser speed should be improve now , If you use this extension with my prior post hackings for Overclock your Browser. It’ll affect more with your speed rather just use this alone.


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