Friday, July 18, 2008

Stormworm Launched Another threat on the net !

Another threat is waiting for you.The criminals behind the Stormworm have launched a new campaign to hijack PCs. StormWorm has begun to attacking Bloggers , littering hundreds of pages with juvenile messages designed to fool web visitors into clicking on malware laden links.
The emails disguised as greeting cards contain subject lines such as ‘Your E card joke is waiting or something like that. That message contains a link to a web page advertising an online ‘greeting card’ supposedly sent to the user.

By clicking either the image or the link, the user downloads a program that installs Storm. Infected machines can then be remotely controlled to send out spam and launch phishing attacks.

Threat stop has made its private list of blocked Storm websites available to the general public, allowing users to use it with firewall software to block traffic from known Storm distributors.


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