Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ASP WEB Hosting Services

What's the ASP web hosting? ASP web hosting is companies that provide support of ASP or Active Server Page (ASP). ASP is a web hosting feature that allows the company or user to create a customized web solution using the Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. In web hosting ASP you embed ASP Code into your website’s HTML pages. A website developed using ASP allows the user to change the web pages. The ASP code enables you to link your web pages to a database where users can interact by logging in and can use their personal settings or place orders on your website. The latter function is particularly true in business sites.
ASP WEB Hosting
Active Server Pages (ASP) is a specification for on your web page with .ASP extension. It uses the ActiveX scripting which could be a VB Script or Jscript code. These scripts are HTML pages with embedded ASP scripts that are processed on the server before the pages are sent to the user. A browser’s request for an ASP will generate the web server a page with HTML code and sends it back to the browser. ASP allows you to create database driven pages; user can access data in a database and interact with page objects.

Web hosting ASP refers to a web hosting company provides support for ASP (Active Server Page). ASP code used in web hosting ASP is intended for a data-driven web site. ASP code should be embedded into your web site’s HTML Pages. ASP code enables the user to link web pages to a database, where he/she can interact with the web page by logging in and using their own personal settings or they can place commands on the website. Clicking on a web page or typing a URL in the address box is requesting the web server to send you a file to your computer. If the file used a standard HTML, the web page will look exactly the same as it did on the web server. But if it is an ASP file, the web hosting ASP server will need to run the HTML code then the ASP code.

The first thing you need to look for in a web hosting ASP service is one that use Windows 2000 server. This is necessary for web hosting ASP because ASP pages are safer to host on a Windows 2000 server. Not only do Windows 2000 server used in a Web hosting ASP more stable, they also have IIS (Internet Information Services) that work well with ASP components. If your web site uses a database such as SQL, Access, etc. make sure that your Web hosting ASP service provides support for the type of database your web site uses.

Just like in any other web hosting services, you need to do some researches on the Web hosting ASP Company before you sign the contract. You should study the features offered by the web hosting ASP service. Also, compare it with what your web site actually need. You might end up paying for the features that do not really matter to your web site like a huge disk space. Choosing the right web hosting ASP could spell huge difference to your web site especially on a business website.


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