Friday, August 1, 2008

Firefox Browser and Downloading process

When we going to download files from using Firefox normally window is appear and ask what it wants to do with the file you have to chosen for download. May it ask to open it using another program or directly download from Firefox?
Download files using Firefox browser secrets Some times Firefox work differently if you face this you may know it is automatically download files without asking you for a suggestion. This happen because changing settings of Firefox in any reason.
  • Make Firefox to prompt you for what to do with a file instead of automatically downloading them:
First go to Tools > Options > Main > and in Downloads “Check Show the download window when downloading files”

As I see this setting is affect for make suggestions to download file with specific software and also if you use normally Mozilla Firefox downloader then it shows the processing window.
  • Set specific a path to save your file and keep safe:
Go to Tools > Options > Main > and in Downloads check the “Save files to” and click the browse button next to it and set a folder for Firefox downloads

Or You can make Firefox to prompt you for a place to download file by checking “Always ask where to save files” (if you check this the when your every download start Firefox will prompt you for a place to download files)


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It is very easy to set the download path for mozilla firefox. You can just browse and set your downloading path and in downloading files very secure in firefox web browser.

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