Saturday, August 2, 2008

Free WEB HOSTING services " Free hosting How it work "

The web site hosting services that are totally free of charge call as free web hosting services. There are several good free web hosting services in the internet.Among the most popular are FBhosting, Xoom, Hypermart and GeoCities. They have different rules when it comes to setting up your account. Some will allow you to get an actual domain name. Mostly, they would require a sub-domain under a primary domain.
Free WEB HOSTING services Some may allow you to run own CGI Scripts. In others it is prohibited. The common denominator among all free web hosting services though is the fact that their disk space is limited mostly between 5-10 MB only. They have minimum for data transfer also. And their banner ads should appear in your website.

Free web hosting providers also rarely or do not at all give customer support. Since free web hosting does not require you to pay monthly payments, technical support is not a feature they strongly adhere to. Up time is not guaranteed in free web hosting. Most free web hosting providers do not guarantee at least 99% up time for the hosting users unlike in paid hosting. This could be bad news for businesses that rely on the website for additional exposure and advertisement. Internet access is also very slow. Considering, you need to compete with a huge number of websites who have availed of the same free web hosting service.

Most free web hosting do not assist the user in securing a domain name. Free web hosting also has limitations when it comes to using your own CGI scripts. Some free web hosting has pre-installed scripts for guest book, counters or email forms. For those people who want to test, install and run their own scripts, it will be best to use a paid web hosting in this instance. For those with large websites or has a number of graphics content, the limited desk space could pose a problem. Since a website is dynamic in nature, it will be hard for you also to expand your website should you need to add more articles, features or pictures. You need to check the disk space limits before you put up your website for web hosting to make sure that the disk space could accommodate your website. And it will enable you to add more contents should the need arise.

Free web hosting could be a good alternative to paid web hosting. For those people who are novice to hosting. It is a good testing ground to enhance your technical skills. Or, if you just need a host for temporary storage of your files, a free web hosting comes highly recommended. If you are putting up an individual site and if the domain name matters more to you than the simple features of free hosting service, then free web hosting services are the ones you need.

But if the web hosting service is intended for a business site or an online business where sales transactions are conducted on a daily basis, then a paid web hosting service should be the one you avail of. This could help in boosting your business and could greatly facilitate online business transaction.


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