Sunday, August 3, 2008

Free Web Hosting Services Without ads

Free web hosting no ads mean exactly what it says by "free hosting". If some web hosting service free then it should be without ads as its name implies. It is totally free of charge yet does not require you to put up banner ads in your website. Free web hosting no ads is a marketing strategy for some web hosting service. This is a tool to promote their website and be competitive among the many big and established web hosting companies that have been around for years. Free web hosting no ads is a way to attract customers to their sites.
Free web hosting no ads Free web hosting no ads allow you to store files on the servers free of charge. In return for this you are to make purchase on a domain from the host or submit an active forum to offset the ‘free’ hosting costs. Free web hosting no ads is a rarity among the major free web hosting service companies such as FBhosting, Xoom, Hypermart and GeoCities. Pop-ads or banner ads usually form a part of their web hosting services. This is important for free web hosting sites because the ads or banners serve as a way for them to generate income. But if you do search diligently it is still possible to come up with free web hosting no ads site in the internet. Most people especially those with companies find the ads a great put off. So much so, that they opted to use the paid web hosting service. Free web hosting no ads is a welcome change then among web hosting users.

What makes the free web hosting no ads attractive is the fact that they are free. Free web hosting no ads allow the budget conscious to stretch their money. Free web hosting no ads offer a chance to new users or ‘newbies’ to put up their websites. Free web hosting no ads usually have easy to use features, add-ons and templates. Free web hosting make programming codes unnecessary with the use of WYSWYG. Free web hosting no ads also offer online site builders to build and design a site. Users don’t need to worry if they have no idea on programs like Dreamweaver, GoLive or Microsoft FrontPage. Free web hosting no ads have free subdomains that enable the user sites to be available instantly and no need for domain registration or transfers for the live site.

Using free web hosting no ads have several disadvantages too. First, free web hosting no ads offer little or no support to the user at all. Since many free users are new to web hosting, this feature could really pose a problem to them. Free web hosting no ads are oftentimes unreliable. And the up time is also a matter of concern. Free web hosting no ads usually have less features compared to those paid web hosting. Free web hosting usually have no important features also such as: software, email, PHP, MySQL, FTP accounts and POP email. Free web hosting no ads also offers no customer technical support. They do not assist the customer in securing a domain name too. And they have limits when it comes to installing and running your own CGI scripts. Most importantly, they have limited disk space; data transfer and even email account. If your website is huge or has a number of graphics, the limited data space could pose a huge problem to you.

If your site is not business-related or in the beginning stages and are for personal use only, a free web hosting no ads is recommended.


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