Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Added Value Web Hosting

Added value web hosting can help expand your business and strengthen your relationship with your customers. Added Value web hosting refers to the services offered by a web hosting service to be able to compete with bigger companies. Added value web hosting is one reason why customers would rather engage your services rather than those of more established firms probably including your higher provider.
Web Hosting Added value Some web hosting reseller offers added value web hosting to attract more customers. A web hosting reseller is a service that re-bundles services from a higher web hosting provider. So, for a reseller to be able to gain customers and retain them on a long-term basis, it is not enough to offer the same services offered by bigger and more established web hosting company. Added value web hosting will spell a lot of difference to your business. Added value web hosting will extend the business-client relationship far beyond the agreement such as those provided by an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Web hosting reseller offers an added value web hosting by including web development services which most primary providers cannot provide to their customers. This added value web hosting feature gives them a competitive edge over the bigger providers. Examples of added value offered mostly by web hosting resellers are development services and support and hosting services in another language. A number of successful resellers are bilingual who sell hosting to the domestic or local market whose language they spoke. Most American-based hosting firms use the English language only. Because of this, hosting resellers found a market of customers that need services in their mother tongue.

Added value web hosting offered by reseller in this instance is in acting as the linguistic link between English hosting operation and customers who speak a different language. Another added value web hosting is the fact that you can pay using local currency unlike when you engage a US-based hosting service. For instance, those in India do not use credit cards in paying bills. Since US-based companies rely on credit cards for their transactions, this situation denied some opportunities for US-based hosting services. Considering in 5 to 10 years, the Indian middle class would number 100 million, this could translate to a huge potential loss for US-based web hosting firms.
Understanding the market needs and providing added value web hosting are factors why resellers are able to serve their customers better and able to compete with higher tier and bigger hosting providers. Added value web hosting allows resellers to give value to the client.


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