Sunday, August 31, 2008

Web Hosting Basic

Web hosting is a business that provides servers or computers for your website to actually reside in. It allows users all over the world to be able to access your website. There are a number of ways you can avail of web hosting. One of the methods is to do web hosting on your own. This method allows you to have total control over your website and be able to avail of all hosting services you require.
WEB Hosting Basic The biggest drawback for this hosting method is it is very expensive and very difficult. It requires a lot of technical skills to do web hosting. Unless you have the money and technical skills required, it is highly recommended that you avail of hosting services provided by reputable hosting providers rather than doing it on your own. But if you are determined, you can host your websites on a desktop computer. The disadvantage in doing this though is that all files and accounts on your personal computer can be exposed to security risks such as hackers. In order to prevent this you need to install costly software called firewall. Aside from that, the amount of time you need for web hosting leaves you little time to attend to other business.

Another web hosting option is availing of free hosting. Free hosting can be good if your website is a personal one. The disadvantages in using free web hosting are the fact that you cannot avail of customer service, a number of selling banners on your site, uptime is not guaranteed and others. If you are into business, it is a huge disadvantage to have no uptime guarantee considering the fact that you are relying on the business site to generate sales or provide necessary info about your product/s.

Paid web hosting is another viable option. But you need to consider the web hosting costs before you sign the dotted line. You also need to know beforehand what features are you exactly looking for to prevent paying for costs of features that you do not really need. Web hosting services could cost you for as low as $10 to as high as $5,000 a month. The cost will depend on the disk space, data transfer, features you add and whether or not you require a dedicated server. Dedicated server refers to web hosting a single company’s web site only. Dedicated servers cater to large companies with complex features in their websites. That would justify their huge monthly charges of $5,000. Payment schemes for paid web hosting are monthly, semi-annually, annually or once every 2 years.

Small companies can avail of shared servers’ services so as to minimize the costs. $5,000 a month web hosting fee is definitely way too much for individuals or small to medium-sized companies. Shared servers serve the same purpose and are much more affordable. Most paid web hosting service has money back no questions asked guarantee. They also assure you of 99% uptime. In cases where they were not able to maintain a 99% uptime, some reputable web hosting service will reimburse you an amount equal to the number of downtime minutes.

Web hosting can be a simple or complicated process depending on the kind of features your website requires. Whether you opt for a free or paid web hosting service, the decision would boil down to personal preference and necessity.


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