Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MySQL Web Hosting Services

Web hosting services those are supports for MySQL database management system calling as a MySQL web hosting service. A database is structured collection of data. To be able to add, access and process data stored in a computer database a database management system is needed such as MySQL .
WEB HOSTING MYSQL SQL or Standard Query Language is one of the most widely-used database languages. This is because its standardization makes it very easy to store, update and access data. And one of the most powerful SQL servers is the MySQL.

MYSQL web hosting enables relational database management system. Relational database stores data in separate tables instead of putting it one big storage area. Because data is segregated, access is fast and flexible. MySQL web hosting allows data to be linked by defined relations so it is possible to combine data from several tables upon request.

MySQL web hosting is quite affordable because MySQL adheres to open source software policy. This means you can download and use the software for free. It is possible for anyone to use and modify the source code and fit the software to their needs. MySQL adheres to GPL or Gnu General Pubic License that defines what you can and cannot do with the software in a given situation.

MySQL web hosting that supports MySQL enables web sites to handle large databases around more than 50,000,000 records. MySQL web hosting that supports MySQL has no memory leaks. It also provides privilege and password system which is secure and very flexible and allows host-based verification. All password traffic is encrypted when connected to a server.

MySQL web hosting offers clean code and responsiveness in delivering fixes and patches. In the recent 4.0x version, MySQL web hosting provides added support for UNION, multiple tables Deletes and full text functions. 4.0 MySQL web hosting has other features that offer key performance enhancements. These features include full-text indexing, query caching and improved replication code methods, full text search functions and more security and control capabilities because of the Grant and Revoke commands.

4.1 MySQL web hosting is in beta. It has features such as sub queries and creations of unnamed views. In terms of operations, 4.1 MySQL web hosting provides full Unicode support which has the ability to define character sets for columns, tables and databases. In terms of performance, 4.0 MySQL web hosting has more improvements to indexing and b-tree algorithms. 4.1 MySQL web hosting has Open GIS spatial variables and classes to the language. This support features can be found in additional cost feature of Oracle or other databases.

5.x MySQL web hosting matched and sometimes surpassed major databases in basic SQL compliance and functionality. MySQL web hosting 5.0 used advanced alpha testing. MySQL web hosting has stored procedures using SQL 2003 standard syntax, cursors and complete set of views.

5.1 MySQL web hosting features include complete implementation of foreign keys, adding of triggers, complete outer join plus constraints to DDL. MysQL web hosting has a lot to work for as developers require more cross database services such as replication, journaling and recovery, parallel processing and advanced memory and clustering with large scale databases. MySQL web hosting, in this instance, will carry the four basic database architectures.


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