Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amazing Feed Icons I have Ever Seen

Here is the newest result I have gotten when I'm searching for a feed icon to my new site theme. Instantly I got really amazing and beauteous Feed icons in front of me, suddenly my mouth is open. OMG those are really beautiful.

feed icons
What I have seen is now in front of you. I spent nearly an hour to select a best one for my site. I have given the first place for positioning and suitability when selecting a feed icon for my site. But there are many vivid icons in this list than what I have chosen.

Feed is the best way to convert visitors to regular readers. However the process is unclear if your site feed icon catch the attentions of visitors. Obvious and catchy RSS icon is very powerful and it’s grab the attention of site visitors instantly.

Another secret I have learned is using a non-standard RSS feed icon is a great way to increase the number of people that subscribe to your site. Also make some decorations and changing the color slightly is prompt visitors to get experiment with feeds.

Icons are created using standard Feed colors:

Icons are created using UN standard Feed colors and slightly UN standard:

[View Designer]

Photobucket[View Designer]

Photobucket[View Designer]


Most amazed feed icons :

[View Designer]

[View Designer]


Anonymous said...

Really Cool what a amazing list thanks fnd great job keep it up.

red1 said...

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