Friday, September 5, 2008

Yahoo WEB Hosting Service

With Yahoo web hosting you don’t need to invest a sizable amount of money just to host your own site. You don’t also need to endure technical difficulties since Yahoo web hosting is there to assist you should you encounter hosting-related problems.
yahoo web hosting
Yahoo web hosting monitors your network, protect your data and lets you spend more time on developing your business or finding new market for your products and services. In short, Yahoo web hosting provides the convenience and assistance you badly need.
  • Yahoo! Web Hosting include
Free, easy-to-use tools to build your web site
Hosting of your web site
24-hour toll-free phone support
Unlimited disk space, which allows you to build as many web pages as you want
Unlimited data transfer, which allows you to support as many visitors as you want
1,000 business email addresses (such as
Unlimited email storage

In choosing a Yahoo web hosting package, you don't need to estimate how large your web site is going to be. With this packege yahoo supplies ultimate disk space and data transfer facility, the most importat things should consider before buy a hosting serviec. The number of images, music files, video files and other content features you need can added there is no limitation anymore. You don't need to determine how much disk space you require for your website.

Unlimited data transfer is an important factor when choosing a web hosting package. The more number of customers and guest who access your web site per day to know more about the products and site, the more data transfer you will need. Another consideration in choosing a yahoo web hosting package is the number of email accounts you need. Yahoo web site hosting packeg allow 1000 businees email accounts hold for one account.If you are the only one maintaining the site, one email account is probably enough. But if there are two or more then it is necessary to secure a number of email accounts. You can use aliases for your email account such as,, etc. Another thing to consider is the relevance of the web site to your business.

Is it so very important that the business will fold without it? Or is it just a marketing tool to promote your business online.

Each Yahoo web hosting package you avail of includes free domain name registration. Yahoo web hosting will pay the initial registration fee for your domain and the yearly renewal fee as long as you maintain your Yahoo web hosting account. This feature provides huge savings on your part. If the domain you choose is an existing domain name with your account, you will be responsible for all domain name registration and renewal fees.

When you sign up for yahoo web hosting package, you need to pick your domain name. Your web address and email accounts will be based on the domain name you picked. If you want to change your domain name after signing up, then cancel your service and sign up all over again.


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