Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two Good Alternatives to Banned Digg Users CONSIDERING Happy Driven Traffic and Beauty of a Site

banned digg alternatives
Before begin with this I have to tell you a bad news just I have get knowing before several days. My site was get banned on digg. First I thought to have an explanation from digg stuff but after I have Google about banned sites on digg thought just give up my idea and fully move to another performing site same like digg. Even digg staff not gave me a prior warning or anything. Just they have banned my site only. Seems it’s just easy to getting banned form digg than cling with it.

But I’m not worried and got surprise after seeing many major sites are already got banned before me. John Chow one of my most preferred site already got banned and Digital Point very famous forum had faced same incident.

Here is the reply Mr.John gets from digg staff for his appeal.

When submitted stories are consistently reported as spam and users complain via our feedback email about submission spam, we ban the domain. The domain will not be unbanned. The domain would consistently get reported as spam otherwise. Please review our FAQ (digg.com/faq) for more information.
–digg support

You can see a full list of banned digg sites by just search on Google. Seems it is widely spread and very common.

Let’s disregard all bad things what I had to face and will begin with our long step for fortune. Reddit and yahoo Buzz sites which I was found good solution for banned site authors at digg. Hope these are performing well like digg. Perhaps you will be happy after seen this articles just I came to know about this huge list yesterday. All the digg style sites are listed here. It seems now I don’t need to worry eh :)

Problems I had faced after banned.

When I heard that my site was getting banned on digg mainly I had faced two main problems. One is the structure of my site and second one is about the traffic. Digg is a one of major player for free site traffic. While I creating this theme for the site I have concentrate and built it as suitable for digg button and use it for adding extra beauty to my site. At first heard about banned I got shook and thought my whole efforts are submerge.

The way I face for these crises.

First I thought to rebuilt my theme and then though to find out any alternative for the case. Mainly I had focused about my site beauty. Literally I targeted on digg traffic so I have built my site far most compatible look for digg button and I have place it left to the every post at the place now “yahoo buzz me” button situated.

Reddit a major digg style site has capability of building traffic like digg. There are three main Redd style buttons can place on any site as preferred and considering about beauty of a site. Procedure is same like digg so don’t need to waste time on searching about optimizations for getting more redds to stories and being front page of Reddit home.

Basically reddit button can add at six major places “placing digg button on six major places at blogger site” (May you need to read my prior article about placing digg button on a blog). The process is same like placing the digg button in a site but the code for reddit is should be different.

Three major reddit buttons and codes.

<div style='float:left; margin-right:10px;'>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.reddit.com/button.js?t=1"></script>

<div style='float:left; margin-right:10px;'>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.reddit.com/button.js?t=2"></script>

<div style='float:left; margin-right:10px;'>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.reddit.com/button.js?t=3"></script>

Photobucket Alternatively stumble upon is also best for getting traffic but as my experience it is taking some period of time for best performance.

Yahoo buzz another service that is very own to yahoo team and I have solved problem that I had with site structure. Now it is standing on my site left to the every post topic.

Yahoo buzz me button code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://d.yimg.com/ds/badge2.js" badgetype="square"><data:post.url/></script>

There are many sizes with this button, http://buzz.yahoo.com/buttons grab the full list of button codes for all other sizes.

Placing social media buttons already covered with “Add Digg Button at Six major places in blogger” you can replace Reddit or buzz me button codes with digg button code and place them upon your site as you most preferred.

digg code

Replace Reddit or buzz me button code with digg code and please followed the instructions I had discussed at my prior post


Anonymous said...

first of all I'm sorry about the thing you had to face and think all the thing will be ok and wish you all the best. also you're not only the person who got banned on digg. I appreciate and admire your determination.
- your fnd maxy -

Anonymous said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

thanks maxy and Matthew both of you welcome to my site :)

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