Sunday, November 23, 2008

Keep RAR Files Untouched. HIDE RAR in JPG

Hide .RAR files withing .JPG files I was in hassle because of my sister, she always prefers to quest my things and reveal all that I’m doing to my mother. Even I was lock them using a folder locker it is not helped much because then my sister knows that I have locked it and after that she’s starting to discover the password for locker. So I faced huge trouble and main fact I faced is I need to lock my files and show them as not locked. That was prompt me to search a way for keep my files in secure other than locking then using a folder locker.

In my prior post I have given mentioned a method to hiding folders using recycle bin code but that would be help only on the own system, files can be reveal when they moves to other systems. So I thought to give you another method that would be very useful if you face the same fact of mine.

First find an image with JPG format and a RAR file you need to hide in the image.

In this tutorial I assumed your image file name “TutoEX.jpg” and the RAR file name is “TutoEX.rar
(File names can be any of you desire, you don’t need to rename your files to names I have mentioned above)

Now go to Windows command prompt (Start>Run>type cmd and press enter)

In the command Prompt window type:

copy /b TutoEX.jpg + TutoEX.rar NEWTUTO.jpg

( switch “/b” indicates the copy function is binary)

“NEWTUTO.jpg” is the result of image with the embedded TutoEX.RAR (you can choose any name as you prefer for your New Secret JPG file)

Open RAR file embedded in JPG:

When ever you clicked on NEWTUTO.JPG you can only see the image of TutoEX.JPG. Now it is time for begin exploring of the content in embedded RAR.

Change the NEWTUTO.JPG extension to NEWTUTO.RAR and open it with WinRAR the contents of the embedded TutoEX.rar file will be displayed.

The jpg can be replaced with a bmp,png,gif or swf formats and RAR archive can be replaced with zip,tar.gz,bz2 or 7z formats.

Samples Codes that can Use for Hiding:

copy /b TutoEX.bmp + NEWTUTO.jpg
copy /b TutoEX.gif + TutoEX.7z NEWTUTO.jpg
copy /b TutoEX.png + TutoEX.gz NEWTUTO.jpg
copy /b TutoEX.swf + TutoEX.rar NEWTUTO.jpg